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Where to find cheap art work without breaking the bank?

Looking for vintage, jungle, or colorful peices of art without breaking bank

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    I could paint you some! :)

    But if you'd rather, I would go somewhere like an arts and crafts store, Michael's or AC Moore, they sell different types of art, all reprints. Or even Bed Bath and Beyond or Linen's N Things, which are quite popular stores, sell different types of paintings and things that are artsy to decorate with.

    Another option is making your own. That in itself can be inexpensive depending on what it is you're going for.

    Thrift stores or dollar stores are another option as well. You can find some interesting things in thrift stores/dollar stores that you can make work for something else. I do it all the time!

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    First you can search thru garage sales (really big this time of year) , if that doesn't work try thrift stores, or for an even more original look try your nearest fabric store. Just look for patterns that you like (there are many vintage prints available) and buy about 3/4 to 1 full yard of it. All you need is an empty frame (get them at the same store or a craft store) and a stapler. Stretch the fabric over the frame so that the area you like best is in the center somewhere and staple it on the back side of the frame. it's pretty light so you can usually hang them with a few push pins and if you go right to the discount section of the store you can get a yard of fabric for about $2. This way you're pretty much guaranteed you have original art and your friends will think you're incredibly talented..!

    Source(s): I've done the fabric trick myself
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    If you live in a fairly large city, there should be an occassional "starving artist" sale. These are usually held at a local hotel. You can get some nice art at a fairly low price.

    The other suggestions are "garage sales" and e-bay.

    Good luck

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    I know the art school I go to has a student art sale twice a year. It's a fabulous way to get art from budding artist. Since they havent made a name for themselves yet they sell their art for less than you find in galleries. And who knows? Maybe they'll be famous someday and you'll have one of their earlist works.

    If you go to one of these sales, sometimes you have to pay to get in first (you get first picks). But deffinatly stay untill the end, in the last halk hour, most students practically GIVE their work away. I do all my christmas shopping at the these sales and get handblown glass and ceramics for my family. They love it.

    Source(s): I go to the Columbus College or Art and Design.
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    Some of the best prints I've found is on You can spend $$ on just the prints or they will frame it for you for extra $$. isn't so bad either and they offer the same service. has some interesting things to look at but they sell out quickly.

    Very nice canvas art here:

    Source(s): Hope this helps!
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    i don't know how much time you have but why not make your own shadow boxes then you will get exactly what you want. you could cut out wall paper pictures or use magazine pictures and back them with card board and put in frame for 3 d effect or you could find works you really like and pay students at local college to reproduce for you.

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    Look on Ebay or go to a local swapmeet. I have a number of things from both sources. I collect African art, and masks.

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    You can always go to a place like and order a print then frame it. Alot of times you can get a print for an extremely resonable price and then go to a store like Micheals get a really cool frame and frame it yourself.

    Source(s): My whole house has prints from the site with all kinds of cool frames! TAADAA!
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    Young children (If you can find one) make fascinating drawings either cheap or for free. You will have to provide a crayon, a wall, canvas and a frame.

    Hope this helps.

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