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Netgear Wireless router help?

I bought a Netgear wireles router today and i need help setting it up. I have a ADSL sagem f@st 800 modem which doesnt have an ethernet cable. I can get a 100% signal on my laptop but it isnt able to go on the internet? whats wrong with it?

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    unplug it and shut your comp down. leave it a min the plug it in and switch on. if you stil cant get on they have a free phone number netgear and there really helpful

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    How are you connecting the ADSL modem and the netdgear router together.

    if you are plugging in the ADSL MOdem to a pc using USB and connecting that PC to the Netgear router using Ethernet then you need to set the computer up to share it's internet connection.

    It would be better to buy a netgear router which includes ADSL ethernet and wireless and keep the sagem as a backup device.

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    Hi Sam,

    What you needed to buy was a Netgear DG834G or DG834GT then you could simply throw your sagem modem away.

    Both of the above routers are a modem router and I have the first one which is excellent.

    Take the router back, tell them it's the wrong type and swap it for one of the above.

    If you need a hand setting it up drop me an email.

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    1: You need an ethernet cable from router to modem.

    2: The 100% is your laptop talking to the router.

    You need to get the router to talk to the modem... To walk you thru that you nedd to supply more info on what part(s) of the setup you have completed.

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    if you have cable you need a wireless router and if you connect ysing the normal phone line(not cable) you need an adsl wireless modem/router, if you have a modem.router you do away with the old modem and connect the phone line to the back of the router. if you have cable you will need an ethernet modem. email me if you need more help

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    Call Netgear. I was having the same problem and they were SO NICE! Helped me threw everything.. 1-800-netgear. Only think I dislike about them.. after you have your router for a year they will no longer help you... grrrrrrrr!

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    1) you have set up a mac address on it so all othe mac address are being voided so you will have to turn that off.

    2) You have a network key set up and you havent configured your laptop to that network key

    3) The router sometimes hits a blip or power surge and it skips a beat so you should turn off your cable modem and router in a specific sequence let them be for a bit and turn them all back on.

    4) Hit repair connection on your laptop for that specific network.

    When all fails then proceed to #5

    5) Make sure everything is plugged in.

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    I need to know if NetGear has ports 22 and 55 for both TCP and UDP enabled.

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    you need to register your product and it gives you like 30 days free for customer service help. i know mine was extremely difficult to set up. i suggest you call them and take advantage of their free help once you register the router, thats what we had to do.

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    netgear have a free online advice/assistance support network. they are really really helpful.

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