The post apocalyptic society? Will our culture make it?

Ok...just watched Reign Of Fire (which is a vastly underated movie that all should see) and i started thinking... those of you that know me will be taking cover about now.

Once the thirty year olds and over are all dead or senile and the apocalypse has occured...who will be there to show the techno generation how to cook without a microwave? How will the young today know how to set a broken limb in a splint? how will they feed themselves? will the west revert to a lord of the flys darkage tribal society? My theory is this:

Kids in the west for the most part dont read books, dont hunt or fish (as its very un-pc) and dont like gardening. When the power go's out and we are not around they are going to be in a world of hurt...briefly as they no doubt will starve to death with out a microwave and hot pockets...whilst kids in africa wouldnt notice life with ipods and probably would just go on as if nothing had happend. darwinian selection time... and i dont fancy our chances.


Dear pissed limey.

Yes i am a writer, no, im married, yes you are an illiterate fen bog trotter. No i dont think its possible to think toooo much, but it is possible to think to little.

Enjoy your hang over, may it bring you closer to liver failure.

Update 2:


I Teach on occasion, i see no evidence that the majority of kids i teach today know how to plant a bean, use a knife to dress meat, tickle a trout or understand the basic requirement of subsistance living. Who pay will set up your utopia when all of us old crusties are dead and gone?

Update 3:

... or do you suggest that it will come after a spell back in the tree tops..say neolithic cultures in 250,000 years?

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    Of course our culture will not survive. It's technology based and so, by definition, it won't exist if technology can no longer be powered up. But a given culture is not essential. What is essential is our race, or genes.

    Genes create people, and THEN people create culture. Cultural forms are selected by two criteria: genetic predisposition and environmental possibilities. Environment can't make up for a genetic shortcoming, and some races never would create an advanced civilization no matter what their circumstances were. For example, they might not have enough brains to build computers or rockets on their own.

    Likewise, genetic potentials for high culture can be circumscribed, either limited or rechanneled, by an adverse environment. What is possible for a race is what can come about with the union of limitations from both genes and environment. Or, to put it another way, what is possible is whatever isn't made impossible by either the genetic or the environmental limitations.

    City folk are notoriously underskilled for the life of a pioneer, which is the sort of living we'll be thrown back on when there's no more gasoline and electricity. Fortunately, not all White people are city folk. There are those of us who have seen Peak Oil well in advance and have spent these past few years getting ourselves into the countryside and learning to live as the old pioneers did. When the lights go out, we'll be fine, just fine.

    We'll be growing apples, beans and potatoes, fishing, bringing down deer with crossbows, cooking and house-warming with wood stoves, knitting clothing, tanning leather, cobbling shoes, raising goats and breeding horses, powering mills for making flour and sawing lumber with the energy of flowing water, and swapping locally with our neighbors.

    The race will survive, and, after the difficult apocalyptic years are over, when the demographic deadwood and the government oppression are both gone, we might thrive, then surge forth to conquer more land for ourselves, as we did again and again in ancient and prehistoric times.

    It isn't necessary that the "majority" of kids know pioneer skills. It will be sufficient that some of them were taught those skills and that they dwell in a place where the skills can be put to use. Other kids, unskilled at first, will learn from the skilled ones. They will learn to plant beans; it's not hard conceptually, merely hard on the back or legs (you have to do all that bending or squatting as you go down the bean row). Hunger and the fear of hunger will provide the incentive to learn how to grow food, and similarly for the other pioneer skills.

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    This topic is strange because i know that many people are experiencing what may already be the end of their world (hunger, disease and so forth). As for the rest of us, we're not treating this world in the manner it should be treated. There's global warming everywhere and people who dont believe in it, there's terrorist attacks every year (2001 US, 2008 Mumbai, 2005-2006 Part of the London attacks) and there is tons of corruption on every street corner. I mean, no wonder the world is seemingly coming to an end........ The Mayan calendar I'm not so sure about and I guess the I Ching is doubtable but we didn't believe that 9/11 could happen and it did. (A folded up five dollar bill shows the burning twin towers and that in itself was a BIG prediction). Basically what I'm trying to say is that yes, this seems like this could happen, but there still needs to be more research or evidence first.

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    interesting thought,s however civilization rebuild,s it self in one form or a another and by that same token when it rebuild,s it learn,s from it,s mistake,s it would take at least a generation or two and some people would adapt even quicker then that for the most part i would think that the warlord class would make a come back in it lead of civilization because it would offer some stability and in such culture,s there are division,s of people so each tribe would learn in one way or a another

    Source(s): ps should you wish to talk this over more \\\ \\\\ michael
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    Necessity,leads to creation and invention.Human brain is the most potent machinery on this earth.This has been proven time and again.Thunders of apocalypse can't obliterate our society.Our culture and the ability to sustain ourselves in the adverse circumstances has increased with time.There is no indication that it is decreasing.Our chances are always bright come what it may be.

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    I love that movie, but I'm afraid I'm not optimistic about if we as a society had to go into a "survival mode". I don't see too many people who would be willing to share, to help, to be anything other than totally for themselves. I worry that if we ever had to go into a post-apocalyptic society, that it would not be people working together to survive, but people killing to get what they want, throwing humanity into a "pre-human" state. I'd just about give anything to be wrong about this, but I have this very bad habit of watching the news every night.

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    I think if society collapsed from disease and monumental catastrophy earth will continue to be under the feet of some survivors.Some people will survive.I only hope that the survivors live in America and nowhere else.But in the long run earth would have purged itself and save a colony of clean innocent people who manage to understand humanities distructiveness generations before they were born.I hope that not all books were destroyed during the apocalypse.All it would take is a small band of people who communicate by speaking the eternal glorious language Latin and all other languages become extinct.Alayluiya!

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    What is this "Reign of Fire" of which you speak? Is my Dark Lord Master having a bad day again?

    VIS TECUM, my dearest!!!!!

    BTW, Learn how to use an apostrophe, my dearest love!

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    You think too much. You need to get some booze and get laid. Maybe you are like those bottled up asexuals that write novels all day.

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    No are culture will not make it.

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    Oh what sights we have to show you

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