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why have all my bluebells turned white this year?

i,ve had them for years and always been blue.

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    Bluebell (scillas) don't change colour, they may appear slightly faded now and again due to soil conditions. The 12 to 15 inches tall Spanish bluebell is in various shades of blue and there are many named forms in white and pink. The English bluebell, s,non-scripta (s,nutans) is a familiar sight in woodland glades with its violet blue bells of 12 inch stems each bulb producing several stems of brilliant blue flowers white in s, Alba,while the dazzling blue s, tubergeniana is only 4 inch with delicate pale blue flowers.

    Source(s): Professional Gardner for 30 odd yrs and still going.
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    Some bluebells do naturally turn up white but not all of them should. Are you sure you're not talking about three cornered leek? Or, as it's usually known, garlic flowers, due to the smell. They appear earlier then bluebells but you can tell the difference by the oniony smell. They do, however, look almost exactly like them.

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    Sounds like they need something. Flowers can change color when they don't get the right nutrients. I don't know what nutrient would cause bluebells to be blue, but whatever it is, your soil is lacking it. Maybe it ran out. Try some plant food.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bluebells are obviously having a weird year... I have had one large clump in my garden for ten years, and this year they turned in about three or four different places. I've no idea why... but they WERE all blue.

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    It could of been something to do with the weather ot they change colour every 10 years or something not sure. Check with a Gardener.

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    i havent noticed any white ones we have blue ones here,missouri...i will be looking for white ones now...

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    flowers change colour due to soil condition and nutriants.

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    All you need to know about bluebells:

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