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First time cat owner, advice?!?

We are getting a female kitten in a few weeks and wanted some advice from people with more experience!

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    Firstly, have her spayed. It is accepted that early de-sexing is not only safe but desirable. The kitten shows a lot fewer after effects and bounces back very quickly.

    Vaccinations: 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks. Then an annual booster after that.

    Worming: every two weeks until kitten is 12 weeks, then once a month until 6 months and then every three months after that.

    Flea-ing: Monthly.

    But if you use a product such as Revolution the fleas and worms are seen to in one "spot on" dose monthly.

    Dry food - check list of ingredients and make sure the first listed ( so the largest percentage) is meat. And that it is a "complete" food. Good quality dry food is better for teeth and gums and overall health.

    Wet food, don't feed kittens tinned casserole as it can lead to tummy upsets.

    If you choose to suppliment the dry food with meat, chicken, pork or beef is best.

    Do NOT give the kitten milk, cats are lactose intolerant and milk can cause intestinal problems. The don't need any milk, as they are now weaned. Water is the best.

    When you get the kitten home, keep it shut in a "safe" room with its litter box, food, water and bedding. Allow it out after a day or so but make sure it is supervised. Kittens are like children and if they need to toilet they need to go NOW and if they are allowed free run of the house, they will get lost and forget where the tray is. After about a week kitten should have the layout of the house.

    Allow the kitten to sleep - that is when they do their growing. Kittens play hard and sleep hard.

    Don't let kitten out until it is about 6 months old. At that age it is big enough to fend for itself and run and climb away from danger. When you first let it out, supervise and when it wants back in, let it back in. Each day it will like to venture put a bit longer.

    Bring it back in at night, The kitten will have a longer and safer life.

    Most of all, have fun with the kitten. It will give you lots of love.

    Source(s): work at shelter cattery
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    well, I have 27 years experience, so I'll give it a go.

    Cats are great. THey are so easy to take care of. Very different than dogs. THey aren't as emotionally dependent on attention from you, but that doesn't mean they don't enjoy it! They are much more loyal, loving, and attatched to their person than many people give them credit for.

    Super easy to take care of. All they need is a litterbox, food, and water, and they're happy.

    ONe thing I would ask you to consider is getting TWO kittens, if at all possible. People think cats are so solitary, but I am conviced they enjoy feline companionship. Just a suggestion. If you can, great. If not, cats are fine by themselves too. The only combo I would avoid would be two adults who don't know each other. Any other combination works fine. Male, female, kitten, adult, etc. Just spey and neuter!!!

    Make sure kitty is up to date on all its shots and plan ahead to get it fixed at 5 or 6 months of age. Definitely let a vet do an exam to make sure it's all healthy. If the vet wants you to wait till 6 months to spey, keep her inside from month 4 until she's speyed to avoid pregnancy.

    I strongly reccomend that cats be indoor only. If they are raised this way, and never let outside, they will be content, and won't think they are missing out on anything. Mine think they want outside, but that's curiosity. If they manage to sneak out, they're back in 10 minutes, begging to be let back in. The big bad world out there scares them.

    Why indoor? Here's a list of things that can NOT happen to them if they're inside.

    Getting run over by a car

    Getting attacked by a dog

    Getting feline lukemia or feline aids (gotten from contact with stray cats)

    Getting killed by wild animals (here there are cyotes).

    Getting lost.

    Getting tortured or hurt by the sickos that are everywhere (Where I used to live, a neighbor found his dog with 17 bulelts. Some sicko thought it was good target practice)

    Those are just a couple off the top of my head. There's dozens more

    Anyway.. now that I've given my indoor cat speil...

    All you really might want besides litterbox, food, etc.. is a few toys. Fake mice, that kind of thing. Cats LOVE the little stick with an elastic string and a toy at the end of the string. It's a great kind of toy, because YOU can play WITH your cat. They really like that.

    There's not much to taking care of a cat.. Litterbox should be scooped every day, and sand completely changed once a week at least. To litter train, all you have to do is put the kitten in the box after it eats, for the first few meals it has at home. It'll get the idea very quickly. Cats natural instincts prompt them to use a litterbox.

    That's the basics.. I suggest finding some good websites or books about cat care. But really, I've had them my whole life, and there's not much you have to do besides just love them and give them attention. They make such great companions!

    OH!! BY THE WAY!! If the cat is strictly indoor, it will only need one good de-fleaing and one good de-worming at the beginning. After that, you probably won't have to keep spending money on flea medicine and worming. I know my cats are parasite free, and I never do anything!!

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    Congrats,great decision! Take her to the vet every once in a while to have her checked up even if she doesn't look like she needs it, always keep her & her sleeping place clean & warm (but not too warm....a single soft peice of cloth in her sleeping place will suffice), if she's to stay indoors don't forget to keep a shallow sand-box in her sight, always keep a bowl of clean drinking water as well as the milk bowl within her reach, esp. if she's active, keep her away from furniture that may be damaged by scratching, & keep an old rug or cloth or a peice of cardboard near her for scratching coz she really needs to do that a lot, pat & stroke her a lot (they love that......u can tell from the purring sounds, & it works like a massage for them......if ur cat doesn't feel like eating, a little stroking on her back can stimulate her appetite, but they usually know exactly how much to eat, so don't force her, even if she doesn't eat for a whole day). Finally, play with her a lot when she wants, but give her space when she doesn't........cats r very independent & like to have their own way.....& each has her own individual personality, just like humans, so with time u'll get to know exactly when & what she likes or dislikes. Talk to her,too.....cats can learn to respond to certain words, esp when accompanied with tones & hand movements. Wishing u as many happy years of cat experience as I had!!

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    make sure you keep a litter box for her toilet then later if an outdoor cat she will get used to going out for toilet. some cats drink milk some prefer water you ll soon know what she is and they prefer the milk lukewarm.

    Take her to the vet for vaccinations (this is important). once she's old enough (not sure how old maybe 6months) she will probably get pregnant. when she has the babies the kittens must not be handled only the mother is to handle them. it is very important that you do not touch the kittens for at least 6 weeks.if you do believe it or not the mother will abandon the kitten and possibly eat the kitten alive (its true)

    Source(s): owned a cat
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    Get her used to being handled by people by playing with her and nursing her. Bear in mind they can be very independant. Show her where the litter tray is and even put her there after her meals. Worming and vaccination is important. Offer your kitten smalls amounts of wet and dry food, best keep a supply of dry kitten biscuits for snacking and plenty of fresh water is a must. Can offer special milk designed for cat but never use cows milk as that can cause stomach upset ( Lactose intolerant). Let her explore her new house and make up a nice warm bed (but if she's like ours she'll sleep in bed with you). Most of all make her feel safe and give her lots of love and in time she'll learn to communicate with you. Another thing, a scratching post is a must!

    Source(s): Cat owner and pet care business
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    With kittens its always best to get 2 then just 1 if you can afford it. make sure if you have 1 kitten have 2 litter boxes and if you get 2 kittens 3 litter boxes. clean the litter box at least once a day and new litter once a week to stop bacteria from spreading and getting your cat sick and your house to smell cleaner. make sure you have plenty of toys and a scratching post or something for their nails. it is normal for them to scratch things so supply them with one if not they will use you couch. start the kitten off on kitten food and at about a year you should add half and half kitten food/ adult food do that for 2 day and slowly keep adding more adult food and subtracting kitten food. so its not to hard on their tummy. set up a vet appointment as soon as you get the kitten. most kittens are born with worms. and keep the kitten up to date on shots and everything. well I hope I helped you out.

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    purina cat foods are awsome, tidy cat works well, but natural cat litters are supposed to be somehow healthier. Cats always scratch your furniture even with a post, but I have brought in a piece of fire wood in the winter and had some success, Toys are different depending on your cat. Get a reflective collar just in case kitty escapes, and have her chipped. Letting an indoor cat outside while you are out with them working on the lawn etc, can be very healthy for kitty. And the best cat hair removal systems include (but are not limited to) a spray bottle of your favorite liquid fabric softner diluted appropriately to spray directly on rugs and furniture before wiping dry, and brushing off the hair, roller tape, pet hair sponge, and the bissel pet hair remover or healthy home vacuum with the pet hair wands. IF kitty pees in the house you MUST get enzymatic cleaners, The sooner you clean up the better and limit temptations by closing closet doors and bedroom doors (if there is carpet) and keeping large potted plants up off the floor..:)

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    ohhh kittens are the best pets!!

    potty-training a kitten was the easiest thing i ever had to do with a pet. just put them in the litter box and make their paw go back and forth in the litter like it was covering up. everything else is just... learn as you go basically.

    ok GET HER SPAYED! i can't say this enough. i've had 2 cats give birth and one that got lost looking for a mate. (they're spayed now so no worries)

    and GET A SCRATCHING POST!! because that kitty will wanna get her claws in your furniture and rugs and carpets but i've found scratching posts really help. if you can't afford that, you can get one of the cardboard ones that sit on the floor.. they're less than $10 (though the posts aren't more than $30 usually and they last longer) and umm.. you can buy her toys but it is completely unnecessary if you ask me because a kitten can turn ANYTHING into a toy :) my baby liked to play with pipe cleaners (that she ripped off of a project) and all the kittens i've raised could occupy themselves for hours with a balled up piece of paper.

    just give her lots of love and it'll be fine! :)

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    I have had females and males, most of my life.Females talk more seem to be more independant.My females were tough gals.Not scared of anything.My males were big mushes.Very needy.The male i have now is much like a dog.He is a mama's boy big time.Believe it or not he even says "Mom" to me LOL.

    I like both males and females.I tend to get males over females most times.All the female cats I have owned have been given to me.I rescued all the males from shelters etc.

    I hope this helps.

    BTW, make sure you spay your female kitty.too many kittens/cats in shelters as it is.My male is neutered even tho an inside cat.

    Have fun!

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    Get ready to play! Be sure to have your trip to the vet. scheduled so your new family member is healthy. Know what she can and can't eat in your home. Cats have their own list of harmful foods, including house plants. Will she be an indoor or outdoor cat? Watch for ticks if she is outside. If you are educated in feline care, she'll give you many years of joy.

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