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Anyone in the UK taken Sertraline anti depressant?

No offence to our American friends - it's just that I know many of you take this medication, but I've never yet encountered one Brit who's been on it!

So if anyone from the UK is out there and has taken/is taking Sertraline, please let me know your opinion of it - how did it compare to other SSRIs?

Many thanks for your help.

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  • LISA H
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    I'm on it and have been for the last 3 years. I was taking Prozac before, my doctor took me off the Prozac cos I'd been on them for quiet a while. He said the Sertraline were not quiet as strong. I'm on 50mg a day (1 tablet) and they work fine for me.

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    Yes, I'm on 100mg. I was initially on citalopram, but switched to sertraline after a year because the citalopram had stopped working for me. I started off on 50mg and went up to my current 100mg after a fortnight.

    I've found the main side effects I have are tiredness, vivid dreams, night sweats. It doesn't make me naseous like citalopram did, and on citalopram I lost weight however on sertraline I have gained.

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    As Salaam to you all, Taking any drugs for a genuine ailment isn't Haram, whether that drugs has alcohol interior it. sufficient has been pronounced approximately anti-depressants via different individuals to this question although that's as much as the guy and what the well-being practitioner has prescribed that concerns. that's as much as the guy to take or no longer take the prescription in the event that they relatively think of and have faith that they could do without it, or the well-being practitioner could be inspired into prescribing an decision drugs. Wa Salaam

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    sertraline was the first AD i took and i ended up taking 50mg in the end but it never worked for me. the only side effect i experienced was anxiety but that only lasted a a couple of days or so.

    i hope it works for you.

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    im on sertraline lustral for about 2yrs i just weaning of the last doze it helped me an awful lot without it id say i wud av been signed in i had post natal depression it really helped i live in ireland though but its worth a try

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