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dying red hair back to (natural) blonde?

i have been dying my hair light auburn for 3 months, but as my hair grows fast i am finding it hard to keep hiding my roots, so now i just want it back to blonde!

how do i go about this? what will it entail?


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    hi you are better off just trying to let it grow out and then your untouched hair will be beautiful

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    you have to go a salon, and they will have to bleach or strip the color out of your hair, and then dye it blonde. its a long process, so make sure you tell the receptionist what you plan on doing, so they book out enough time for the stylist. your hair will be dry afterwards, so make sure you get a good conditioner.

    you can't just take color out of your hair. color is permanent, so removing it takes time, so be patient. you may not get the result you want on the first try (depending on the brand of color you used, how dark it is, and how many times you've died it). it usually take 2 or 3 times when doing corrective color, so dont be mad at the stylist if it goes through some weird stages...its normal, and theres nothing you can do to prevent it.

    it will also probably be costly...i charge at least $150 for a corrective color...sometimes more depending on how long it takes and the amount of work it entails. you should book a consultation first, so the stylist can take a look at your hair and give you a ballpark price range.

    good luck! try to find a Paul Mitchell salon...we are highly trained in can go to find one near you.

    Source(s): professional colorist at a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon
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    Safest sure method - Wear a wig until you roots grow right out until you have your natural hair colour back - go to the hairdresser for a trim every 4-6 weeks.

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    It is never a good thing to strip hair of colour it takes a lot of time and money and may not be the shade you want at the end, NEVER do it yourself the colour could well turn out condition would be poor.

    If you want to save money.....and your hair grows fast try using a strong dandruff shampoo like vosene as this will help fade your colour quicker.

    Source(s): Hairstylist of 30years City and Guilds NVQ3, D32,D33 assessor.
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    If you put red on from a box and then try to rebox dye it.... it's going to turn BRIGHT orange. Been there done that!! I would see a hair dresser..... I have natural dark hair dyed it red and then Blondie and I looked like a clown. It cost me $200 to have fixed. So I know it's expensive to have your hair professional done but when you screw it up... it'll cost you even more to have it fixed!

    They will have to stripe your hair back to the correct color level it was at and then redye it with a natural blonde color.

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    If you really want it and you just really want a change then of course you should do it. I do suggest using henna because it is a safer plant dye then using the chemicals. ( My friend suggested it for me and I love it.) First of all, I suggest that you try a non permanent dye that can be washed out just for like a day to see if you actually like the color and it looks good on you. Then if you like it and want to really dye it go to a salon do not dye it yourself. Also if you want to go back to your regular hair color buy a dye that is close to the same color and just wait for your hair to grow out. ps. Use shampoos and conditioners specifically made for dyed hair. Have Fun and good Luck!

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    I would definetely talk to a professional and make an apointment. Sometimes the red will be so hard to get out of your hair yourself you will end up ruining your hair in order to get it back to blonde. They will have to strip your hair to get the red out most likely. If you do it yourself your hair might turn peach so definetely go to a salon!

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    red is the last colour that bleach strips out and u wil never be able to dye ur hair ur natural colour.

    i had this problem and i bleach bathed it and it went a really horrible ginger colour so i had to dye it back dark

    i suggest to grow it out

    Source(s): im a hairdresser
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    i would start (at a salon) with heavy highlights of your natural color. that way the growing out process will look more natural and you dont have to strip the color out of your hair.

    this is what i do with my clients when they are going to blond so it doesnt look so drastic all of a sudden.

    sorce: cosmetologist

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    I was born along with blonde hair so i think i look fine thats the way we was born

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