Sunglasses. What reason do people wear sunglasses for when the sun is not shining?

Are they trying to hide their real feelings, are they afraid of eye-to-eye contact?


Some answers, so far, mention medical reasons etc. I was already aware of that. I agree with those who say that if there is no valid excuse, why wear them? People who try to `look cool` have my full disgust at their lack of confidence, and their attempt to try to be something which they are not.

They are kidding only themselves.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hi there Montgomery...good point. I think that some may be trying to hide their feelings, or they could be afraid of eye to eye contact. I also think that some people wear them because they are pure posers and think that it looks cool. I think it is stupid, and plain rude, especially if they talk to you without taking them off, and you cant see their eyes!

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    It can be any reason...Maybe:

    1. Fashion

    2. Vanity - hiding bags

    3. Light sensitivity from illness or maybe a hangover!!!

    It all stems back from the 1930s when the movie stars used to wear them because of the bright lights on set. I guess some film celebrities wear them today to look cool or to hide their profile in public (although in a way it draws attention to them).

    I was just reading the other day that they were invented in China! Wow! Sunglasses, not celebrities that is! :-)

    Source(s): The Weather Book from the Observer on Sunday
  • anna
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    1 decade ago

    You make a valid point for some, esp. those who wear those mirrored specs.

    Some people just think it makes them look "cool", especially women who treat sunglasses like yet another fashion statement.

    Otherwise--they may have eyestrain or be v. sensitive to light

    Or be hiding a hangover or bloodshot eyes

    Or have an allergy

    My DH had cataract surgery and now his eyes are very sensitive, he has to wear sunglasses in the least sunlight.

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    I wear prescription sunglasses when I'm driving as I find the sunlight glares, even on a dull day it hurts my eyes. It started when I started working with computers all day. Sorry, I'm not trying to look cool, I'm just shielding my sensitive eyes!

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    1 decade ago

    Most times i have to use sunglasses because of sensitivity

    to light,also in the winter or when reflections of wet roads.

    I hate having to do this as your comments suggest

    people like me are trying to hide something,so the

    answer is resounding NO.Lots have eye conditions.

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    Because sometimes, even when the sun is not out, it is still quite bright, which in my case, gives me headaches as I have quite sensitive eyes, so I wear my sunglasses.

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    1 decade ago

    i wear sunglasses when i don't have time to put any eye make up on and i literally am running out the door to get somewhere. big sunglasses work great. :)

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    I work night shifts and sometimes when I am on my way home when i am tired the daylight is a little too bright so i wear sunglasses.

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    UV rays are still present despite the sun not being totally visible. I know when I fish I tend to where my polarized lens to help increase my awareness of my surroundings.

    However I can not really answer why someone else does. My advice is ask them if it baffles you that much.

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