I was getting social security money from because my father passed away.?

I was getting social security money because my father passed away 8 years ago. The checks would always goto my mom. Then I turned 18 and I still received a years worth of social security money. Since I was 18 the checks were under my name but my mom still cashed them...NOT once did I sign a check to her. Is there anyway to take her to court to get my money back?


I'm not trying to be a dick to my mother but I just believe she has taken advantage of this. I never once seen a penny of this money and it's that time in my life where I NEED a car to get to work and I need money for college and there's nothing left.

Update 2:

First of all she spend a lot of that money ON HER. Around $30,000 she spend directly on her. I need a car and I have a job. I don't make enough to get a car. I don't ask her for much and I will take her to court because she treats me like ****.

Update 3:

I only asked her for some help to buy a car. She got $12,00 which was under my name. Right now some of that money could be good use so I can buy a car and get to work on my own. She can't even give me a few dollars to take a bus to work. I get paid bi-weekly so I don't have money right now.

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  • Jan
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    1 decade ago
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    My son received SS until he graduated from HS because I am disabled. When he turned 18,the checks came in his name.He would sign them and then give them to me.He understood that he was still living at home and should help contribute to the expenses.Never once did he ask me for any of "his" money as he knew it was all used to pay the rent,utilities and buy food.I'm sure it is the same in your case.Is your mother independently wealthy that she doesn't need help anymore?Probably wasn't easy for her alone all these yeas without your dad around.

    I never can understand young people always wanting to sue their parents.Where would you be now without your mother taking care of you all this time?

    She shouldn't be signing your name on them however,and this could get her in some trouble.

    If you need a car,get a job and pay for it.

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    My mother passed away when I was 14 and I did not recieve any checks until I was eighteen. I received one check for the lump sum accrued over the three and a half years. Even though I was in school they would only pay up to my eighteenth birthday so I don't know how you are still recieving checks. Anyway I don't beleive you'll have a case. I don't remember any stipulation stating that the money was to be saved for the child. I could be wrong.

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    Was your mom paying your living expenses? I do believe that was the intended purpose of those checks. Are you sure you want to sue your mom? Who wants to go thru life without a mom, if they don't have to? I mean, you would be totally severing that relationship with a lawsuit.

    Also, you may find that the Social Security folks will think that cashing those checks after you are no longer legally eligible for them is fraud, and may require the money to be returned.

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    I think if you call the social security board they will take care of that. By law she is supposed to sign a paper saying where the money goes yearly. that's what i have to do for my boys. They are on their Fathers survivors benefits. And you can also ask them to put the remaining checks that you receive into a direct deposit that is in your name. Good Luck. I hope you get the money that was meant for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Call Social Security at their 1-800 phone number or call your local Social Security Office and talk to someone there. Ask some questions. Tell them about your situation. I think your mother is getting a check for taking care of you also, right?? Tell them you have never signed any checks. I think you mother is supposed to keep track of every cent she spends. Check it out. They are usually pretty good.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you can PROVE that she took and cashed them as you say, then you can, if the DA believes your story. You can ask the SSA to send you verication of who endorsed the checks, (which may actually be an act of congress) but if they provide the information, and her signature, she just might be in a deep crock.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The money is paid to your mother for your support. What she does with is up to her. It is not yours unless she gives it to you Hopefully she is wise enough to save it to pay for your post high school education.

  • Rada S
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    1 decade ago

    As long as you were still living at home, then she is entitled....

    ...a suit against your mom would only end your relationship with her...cause a lot of hard feelings, ...and for what.

    ..you want your mom to go to jail?

    ..the money is gone, you probably owe her most or all of it for your support. ...and that is probably why it is gone, as she used it to support you two....so I would

    "very quickly" forget this idea!

  • 6 years ago

    my mom is doing the same this with me what can I do to collect my money but im under age ?

  • 1 decade ago

    Was she still feeding you and giving you a place to live? If she was then I would say let it go.

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