Missing Madelaine in Portugal. Parents right or wrong?

What's your view, should the parents have left the 3 kids alone in that apartment? Should they have even gone on holiday with 3 kids if they weren't prepared to take them everywhere? Difficult situation, eh? What do you think has happened to her?


Actually Lord Bea I wondered the same thing, but was stunned that there weren't any similar uestions at all!

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    I am sure within a shadow of a doubt that madelaines` parents are regretting with all their hearts leaving the children alone that fateful night, I am also sure that other people did the same thing, but sods law it always takes a tragedy to show everybody what can happen in these circumstances.

    Just like everyone else I think the most important thing is to get the child back safe and well, I am not a religous person but I have been praying for her to be returned safe and well

    to her family where she belongs, hopefully very soon. Your heart has got to go out to the McCann family, I hope they are soon reunited with their gorgeous daughter very soon, and no doubt she will never be out their sight ever again.

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    Some simple facts:

    There was a creche and babysitting facilities; there were 9 adults and 8 children on holiday, the parents could have taken turns watching the kids.

    You would never leave your child alone like that in the UK so what makes it okay to do it whilst on holiday? The only reason the parents aren't being arrested for neglect is because they are doctors.

    I hope that Madelaine comes home alive and well, and if she does, her and her siblings should be removed from the doctors care. Sounds to me like they are more interested in socialising with their friends than looking after their kids.

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    the parents were in the wrong for leaving them but they were doing the right thing to keep checking on them. someone must have been watching the femily nearby to knw when they were and werent there.it is a very tragic event and yet still looks grim and the hope is slowly fading for the heartbroken parents. i do not blame them for this and i am wishing them the best of luck in finding her. this is a very sad act though to whoever the child snatcher is. whatever the situation the person or people who took the girl had no right and has destroyed a whole family but most of all it could be mentally damaging for young madelaine. i wish them all good luck. we all need to stay strong for the family too. dani xx

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    i answered a couple of questions about this last night...and to be honest i was quite judgemental.. i am feeling bad because no matter what the parents did or didn't do they do not deserve this.....they must be feeling guilty as it is....the torment and pain they will be going through must be the worst feeling in the world. i don't agree with what they did.. as a mum i could never leave mine alone for two minutes however who am i to judge. i wish i could help the family in some way...it is bad enough that we don't know what's happened to the little girl....but for the parents it must feel like a nightmare...a nightmare that also continues during the day.

    i hope it isn't a pervert that has taken madelaine...i just pray to god that a pervert hasn't taken her and she will be reunited with her family soon.

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    Think alot of questions unanswered how did anyone know they were alone ? Obviously must of been watching a bit much of a coincidence for someone to just find an apartment with children alone ...... Yes to me if you take children with you they should be with you all the time ..why not get a meal sent over and have it on balcony or terrace whilst children sleep ....but the parents just need everyone to focus on trying to find this beautiful innocent child at the moment I am sure they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives ...as to what has happened to her I think as the days are dragging on it is looking bleak .....but we just have to live in hope of a miracle ......perhaps if we all wish hard enough ......xxx

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    What a silly Q! Of course they shouldn't have left those kids alone, be it for 5 mins or 5 hours they were in the wrong, if they were on benefits and not doctors, the newspapers would be slating them but oh noooo, they are responsible parents! I THINK NOT!

    I don't like to think of whats happened to Maddy, I hope she's alive and well, and if they finf her, they should prosecute the parents, that's neglect - pure and simple!

    With regards to the should they have taken her part......no, they shouldn;t have taken 3 kids on hols without thinking about babysitting facilities etc.

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    I am in no potition to jugde them. They must be going through hell by now. That is something that they never asked for. You never think is gonna happen to you. They were checking on the kids every half an hour, for goodness me. Somebody must have been watching them and choose their best moment. As for whats happen to madelaine? What kind of question is that anyway? Anyway, I hope God is watching over her.

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    Surely when you typed this question in the box a million similar questions appeared underneath. Right or wrong it's irrelevant at the moment, getting the little one back safe should be all that matters. I blame the dirty pervert who took her personally, but hey that's just me.

    AFTERNOTE: fair enough I'll shut up then, sorry don't mind me........

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    very very wrong!!! i would'nt dare leave my own children for the sake of a night out with my partner, if that was their intentions for the holiday maybe they should of not taken the children with them in the first place!!

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    I think it is the most rediculous thing I have heard in a while.

    That poor baby, I hope they find her.

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