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Upcoming UFC fights?

Does anyone know where they post future fghts for the UFC? I know that they have 2 listed on, but I was wondering if they have fights planned later on in the year. When and where are the future fights and are they able to say who is possible to fight in them?

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    this sight shows all the future fights, as well as rumors

    check out ufc 73, that card looks sick

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    UFC 83 Serra vs GSP: I reckon GSP will beat Serra by the second round by TKO (strikes). Lutter vs Franklin: Franklin should have the better stand-up and hopefully avoid dangerous submissions by Lutter. Won't be easy. Bisping vs McCarthy: Bisping is great with his hands and versatile on the ground so I hope he transitions well into Middleweight by doing what he does best KO McCarthy. UFC 84 Penn vs Sherk: Penn's on a mission and is soooo good but Sherk has something to prove and is a machine so I reckon he'll outlast Penn. But I hope Penn wins 'cuz he's a 'prodigy'. W. Silva vs Jardine: Jardine has a strange creeping stand-up ability and should get Silva with some good kicks and when they start banging he's elusive enough to switch to hit-and-fade tactics. I reckon he'll knock him out though. Ortiz vs Machida: I hope Tito wins although Machida is an awesome fighter. Tito won't be able to get him in the stand-up and will have to do what he does best and ground 'n' pound him, but because Machida is so elusive and great at stand-up I think it'll be difficult. I reckon Machida by decision. UFC 85 Liddell vs Evans: I'm hoping Chuck can give Rashad his first loss by knockout but I can't see Rashad getting knocked out, especially since Chuck ain't up to his best knockout-artist abilities lately. But Chuck has the best takedown defense in the game, so ideally, I'd love to see him counter-punch a takedown attempt and knock Rashad the $%#@ down. But I reckon Rashad wins by decision. He's a versatile fighter. Great wrestler and a good striker too. UFC 86 Griffin vs Jackson: Griffin has staying power while Jackson has better refined skills. But then again, Jackson seemingly has it all at the moment. So I reckon he'll maintain the belt and get Griffin by TKO. Can't wait :D

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    Yes you can find the UFC schedule as soon as they have the card at covers most of the major MMA events, not just the UFC, so you can keep track of your favorite fighters.

    There are about a dozen other decent MMA sites if you search around.

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    Check wikipedia.

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