Where can I buy a Spanish language newspaper in England?

Also, what are the names of the newspapers. It does not matter if they are from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina or any other Spanish speaking country, as long as it's a Spanish language newspaper.

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    Hi.. It depends where you live as to the availabillity of Spanish language newspapers..

    They will be pratically impossible to find in the countryside or a small village..but you should be able to get hold of a copy without too much problem..in any medium sized town and upwards..

    The main WH Smith in any town should stock a few copies.. And also the WH Smith in the larger stations such as the London stations and Manchester Picadilly or Birmingham New Street etc.. all sell Spanish newspapers.

    In some of the larger cities there are other newsagents..that also stock Spanish newspapers ..and sell other international papers.. For example around Soho, and Tottenham Court Rd.. in London..There are many news agents that sell Spanish newspapers.

    The Spanish language newspapers that you can buy in England are from Spain. You are very very very unlikely to find one from South or Central America.

    The most common papers that I see sold are ABC, EL MONDO, and EL PAIS

    This website is a global distrubtor of newspapers..You can use this search on the website..To find some of the places that hold a copy of the title..you want, near to you.. And also the UK distributors


    2)As for subscriptions.. I checked the WH Smith website and it does NOT do newspaper subscriptions..though you can subscribe to a magazine..but I couldn't find any Spanish magazines offered...But I do know for a fact that it does sell Spanish gossip magazines such as Hola.


    But you can subscribe directly some newspapers themselves.

    For example ABC offers 3 months subscription fpr 292 euros if you are in the UK


    This is website of the main UK distributor for foreign newspapers.. I think they do not do individual subscriptions..but you can ask them well the nearest place to you that stocks the paper you want


    3)Also if you are happy just to read your paper..you can read most papers on online.. Or if you visit your local library.. you can request that they order the paper for you..for free..and you can read it there.

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    WH Smith might. I was in there the other day and saw the Spanish version of Hello magazine. Or it was ok. one of the two. Anyway it was Spanish!

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    If you go to WHSmith, you can order papers from anywhere in the world.

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    local postoffise/newsagent should b able t order you one in

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