What are the different coloured flashing beacons on vehicles?

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I need to know what vehicles have red, amber, green and blue colour flashing beacons
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In the UK, red flashing lights cannot be shown by any vehicle in motion, they are used to denote the commanding vehicle at the scene of an accident.

Blue is emergency services on an emergency call (police, fire crew, paramedics/ambulance, mountain rescue, etc. I'm not sure about lifeboat crew).

Green is doctors on emergency calls (I don't know how you qualify to carry one).

Amber is simply a hazard light, and can be fitted to any vehicle without any kind of permission from the police. They should be used with respect, however. They are sometimes required by law on certain vehicles.

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Thank you very much for your answer, it was very helpful
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  • srracvuee answered 7 years ago
    the red one is for a bandit making a quick getaway
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  • Bandit600 answered 7 years ago
    Blue is for emergency vehicles.
    Green is for Doctors.
    Amber is for works, recovery or slow moving vehicles.
    Red is used to emphasise a stationary vehicle the has blue, green or amber flashing lights.
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  • The original Peter G answered 7 years ago
    In the UK
    Blue - police, fire, ambulance
    Green - Doctors and paramedics
    Yellow - Tow trucks, road maintenance, "legal" obstructions, and People who fancy themselves
    Red - Used with blue by motorway police, otherwise wallies
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  • champer answered 7 years ago
    If you're in the UK, blue flashing lights are for emergency vehicles - police, ambulance, fire, coastguard, bomb disposal, mine rescue etc.
    Green is used by doctors on an emergency call, amber is vehicles in general which may be a hazard/obstruction on the highway, such as breakdown vehicles, works vehicles, and agricultural vehicles on dual carriageways.
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  • Nightworks answered 7 years ago
    Red or blue - emergency vehicles (fire, police, ambulance, coastguard).
    Green - non-emergency medical (e.g. doctor).
    Amber - highways maintenance or recovery vehicles.
    White - nuclear emergency.
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  • gynmedic answered 7 years ago
    I think red ones are for emergency prostitutes!

    Seriously though, military vehicles with blue static lights are carrying explosives.

    Oops, breach of security regulations!!
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  • BOLTS answered 7 years ago
    blue/red = emergancy services,police,ambulance ect.
    green = doctor
    amber = recovery vehicle, motorway maintenance ect


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  • Just William answered 7 years ago
    If you are in the UK the Police have blue. Doctors have green. Vehicles such as dust lorries and council personnel have amber and fire engines sometimes have red.
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  • Oracle answered 7 years ago
    Blue are for emergency service vehicles (like police, ambulance, fire);
    Green is for doctors;
    Amber is for works vehicles (ie bin lorries, BT vans etc);
    Red - not sure.
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