Does a "Town Marshal" answer to the "County Sheriff?"?

I understand that marshals are used for various kinds of law enforcement, but I'm referring to a "Town Marshal" that has been elected as a police officer of a small community, with similar powers and duties to that of a sheriff. Does the Marshal still have to work in collation with the County Sheriff? Is he required to report to the Sheriff, say in the case of a murder in his town? What would be the procedures?

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    No, he does not. Actually, the more local the Police, the more jurisdiction. Town Marshall or Constable has more authority than the County sheriff in his town. The County Sheriff has more authority than the State police in his own county, etc. etc. Although it is to the benefit of all if these agency's work in co-operation with each other.

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    Town Marshal is not a term used very frequently nowadays; however it is the same as police officer, or city officer. City officers do not answer to the county sheriff, they are separate jurisdictional bodies and each is responsible for their areas. They can have cooperative agreements, but they are not required to.

    Wiki definition of marshal: In the American Old West, marshals, also called the "Town Marshal", were appointed or elected police officers of small communities, with similar powers and duties to that of a sheriff, while federal marshals would work in a larger, possibly overlapping area, especially in pioneering country. The word is still used in this sense, especially in the Southwest United States. (See List of Western lawmen). Still the name for some police forces.

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    Guess it depends on where you live. I live in South Carolina and the Police Chiefs are appointed by the Mayor and town councils. There are several towns in the County and the County Sheriff is elected by the voters of the County. He (the Sheriff) is the Sr. Law enforcement officer in the County. He can in effect move into a town and take control of a case if he deems that it needs to be done. How ever the Police chiefs do not report to him. They do respect him or her and the Sheriff does the same in return. Remember the Sheriff has enough to do outside the town limits and he appreciates the working relationships of all departments.

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    Depends on the state.

    Town marshals sound like they're the equivalent of the chief of police (who is hired by the city council)> They cover the incorporated area. The sheriff handles the unincorporated areas and "may" also handle traffic issues in those areas.

    They work together (mutual aid pact). If there's a murder in towm, there may an agreement between them to handle certain jobs - or not. Usually, the sheriff is responsible for the jails and unsentenced/sentenced prisoners.

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    The "town marshal" term is now refers to the city chief of police.

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    Depends on the town/state.

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