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Bok van Blerk: De La Rey???

(I thought I'd post it on here as well)

I just heard this song for the first time today and I was incredibly moved. It's a really sad song. Then I went and read some peoples' opinions about it and I was so dissappointed that we have to give this a political meaning once again.

Why can't we just enjoy the song for what it is? A wonderfully well written song which pulls at our heartstrings.

I honestly don't think we have to put any political meaning to it and that it's open to interpretation. What are your views??

Update 2:

Hi Redhead...

I live in England and I tend to forget how some people back home can blow things out of proportion. ( A wonderfully graphic saying comes to mind 'hoender' en 'ruk', I'm sure you know what I mean))

I felt so emotional when I heard this song and then I missed home terribly, but I suppose one realises that you remember the best things about people and forget the bad. It's a way of coping I suppose. Anyway, thanks so much for answering...

Update 3:

Mr Cash, you are clearly and idiot. Your answer doesn't even make sense. Seriously, if you don't know what you're talking about it it might be better to shut up. So much for living 'overseas' as you put it. It obviously didn't help your brain to develop much...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    well said, it is a great song and incredibly sad. There was no reason for the song to be politicized it should rather be a lesson in history, just reminding us where we come from.

    The first time I heard the song i was a little bit confused as to why the big commotion, the song is not calling us to arms and there is not mentioning of one bullet one..

    Maybe it is good to be reminded that through hardship a great nation was born and that now we are faced with the challenge of making the new SA work as well.

  • 1 decade ago

    When I first heard this song and what it was about, I thought it was good thing. Music is there for people to express their opinions and anyone who uses it in this way - good for them. But, I live in SA and alot of Afrikaans speaking people are taking it a bit too far. (My parents are Afrikaans so don't think that I don't like them) The problem is that some people see this song a "dredging up the past" (there is no room is SA today for an Afrikaans hero - I am sure you now all about the re-naming of streets) and other people take it too far. My afrikaans neighbour plays this song everyday blaring out so that the whole neighbourhood can hear and I heard about a wedding where women, children, men, old and young, got up and saluted when this song was played.

    There shouldn't have been any political meaning put towards this song- it is just a song about a man who was obviously a good leader. But South Africa is a very sensitive country and you can't say anything without offending someone.

    Source(s): I would just like to add that alot of Afrikaans people feel that South Africa is slipping away from them and I suppose this reminds them of their heritage and where they came from New posting: I know how you feel. I lived in the UK for 5 years and whenever I heard the National Anthem I would get goosebumps (and homesick!!) even watching BBC documentarys on SA used to get me grabbing the tissue box
  • SAgirl
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Welcome to the new south africa

    Nowadays in south africa, if anything with a white afrikaans culture gets turned into political outrage and racism

    Lets say the white afrikaans south africans have the same dances than the zulu culture then it will be banded and a political views will be connected

    That is what the white afrikaans south africans needs to sit up with everyday

    But still I'm an proud afrikaans white south african because i think that the other culture is afraid of us and they are trying to kill our culture and by doing this they hope they will kill our strength and our will power

    After it is wasn't for the afrikaans white people of south africa the black people of today wouldn't have had a country to ruin today it was the white afrikaans south africans who fought against the British for the freedom of south africa

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The song is a great one and especially South Africans living over seas get a lump in the throat when they listen to it because it reminds them that once not that long ago they fought for the survival of their culture and heritage, it's just the trend to politicize everything that affects the whites but in time that will pass also, the only thing i can say is "vasbyt mense".

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Happy

    If you look up De La Rey and Carte Blance on You tube, you'll get a whole 15minute documentary on it.

    I feel it is just for Afrikaner children, to remind us that our great grandparents fought for our heritage and we should be proud to be Afrikaans, and not feel embarrassed by who we are. Something that's quite difficult since we are all accused of being racist apartheid supporters or dumb Dutchmen.

    No one likes us feeling a bit of self pride.

    I sing along and know De La Rey word for word!

  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah MS CASH its obvious that you only have CASH on your mind and no creativity!!!!

    Its great song!! Lifts up the Afrikaans spirit!!South Africa is great place and home for lot off Afrikaans people.

    Proudly South-African!!!

    De La Rey De La Rey , sal jy die boere kom lei De La Rey , De La Rey.Generaal Generaal soos een man sal ons om jou val De La Rey........

  • 1 decade ago

    firstly i rather like the tune. secondly De La Ray was a general in the boer war that was against the English. So really its the English people that should take offense to the song. Thirdly De La Ray was killed on his way to a British army camp was it to surrender no one can really and truthfully answer that.

  • 1 decade ago


    Yes, I like the song. I think it's got a great tune and I love it. Furthermore I think the History is really great, if you see the video on this it is really sad.

    I don't know why it is turned into a whole political thing, it is not as if the black people do not sing political songs. Hey they even have political days like today where they have BIG festivals for "saving" the poor things on APARTHEID. One song from the whiteys which isn't about blacks at all and they go all koekoes ???? Eish!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Hello this is mr cash!!

    I think the song is a load of crap, more rubbish for all these boneheads in pretoria and witbank to blast from their lekker zef cars!

    I was oversaes for a long time and if you get homesick stick to the johnny clegg man "African sky blue........"

    There is no political meaning to the song obviously, just a chance for more people to complain about- is it cause im blek?????????


    Hey you stoopid loser ive seen many things and have lived in many places in the world. Maybe you're the one who is an idiot for not realising that the song is a load of garbage!!

    maybe you should get out and see some of the world and grow so you can see the drivel in which you are talking!!!

    You're probably young and naive or old and stoopid!!

    Which one is it b**ch???????

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