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What's the atmosphere like in the religion and spirituality section?

Hello everyone,

I have recently been introduced to Yahoo Answers. Is the religion and spirituality section a friendly, non-threatening place where anyone can share their views without the threat of persecution?

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    It can be nasty at times. Expect to have some questions insulted, expect to be misunderstoof and to get a share of nasty e-mails by times - especially if you belong to one of the "less populated" or "mariginal" religions.

    Most of the times it's fun, but don't expect to convert anyone to your beliefs.

    Once you get used to it and learn to identify the nutcases (on all sides), you will find some friends where you can share views without condemnation through the 360 system (your own honmepage)

    Do expect some funny times too - and fight only those fights you can win - to paraphrase one religion - don't throw your pearls before swine.

    You will find a number of different follks in here - from hellenistic pagans, through wiccans, witches and asatruar, to jews muslims christians - and yes, even atheists. (sorry anyone if I missed you)

    Hint - never - ever ask - "Why are atheists in here", "If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys" or "What have you got to lose" types of questions. These will result in "drinking games". And then everyone will make fun of you...

    But for those who persevere, it is a unique community and it will do much more to open your awareness to the spiritual orientation of people than any other forum you can visit.

    So participate, don't take it personal when someone insults you, and do not insult others for that is another spiritual truth - sow and reap/threefold response/karma/what goes around - whatever you call it - is alive and active.


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    The whole 'debate' is what is a serious question? How do you gage someone's sincerity? Once you start trying to answer questions like that then you start getting into censorship and whilst there are some areas (to me) that are open and shut no go areas in a public forum there are more grey areas then you realise. At the end of the day it is easy enough to skip questions that you do not like, in fact if more people did that then there would be less room for some of the idiots/trolls who infect Yahoo Answers in general. I enjoy spiritual more open ended questions where there is some room for debate or opinion. I keep coming back, because I still find it fascinating how all these people from different walks and ages of life actually come together and start communicatings ideas and beliefs.

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    Question back at you...

    Is anywhere in the physical world (as opposed ot the spiritual world) a friendly, non-threatening place where anyone can share their views without the threat of persecution?

    Internet - Physical

    Mind - Spiritual

    It is only when we release the physical that all places stop being unfriendly and threatening to ourselves; and it is then that we share our views in humility.

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    Well if you're not a Fundamentalist Christian then you are pretty screwed here. This forum is ridiculous with tons of insults being exchanged on here. If you have thick skin and or a sense of humor you will be fine. If you don't then you might not want to stay. Anyway there are some days that everybody tries to get along on those days we can have interesting debates. But a majority of the time you will feel as if you have to defend yourself and your beliefs. But if you don't mind all of the drama then pull up a chair and kick back and enjoy.

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    Welcome to R & S section............but i would say you have hit the wrong place if you realy want to see friendly, non-threatening place..........its a war zone.....LOL, and you would be attacked if you are believer and you would be attacked if you are not a believer.......and telling you there is no place to retreat !!.....And if you realy want to stay here, you would have to come with strong nervers !!and Yes , there is also a chance that your account would be terminated like most of us are being terminated once , twice and even more LOL...........Oops don't be scared.....still its a good place becuase you will find many many good ,tolearnt and loving people.....and this is the reason that R & S has highest number of users !! All the bets !!

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    Overall, it really is a good group of people here, consisting of a myriad of beliefs. The majority of participants seems to be split between Christians and atheists.

    Every day there are thought-provoking posts, belief-challenging posts, and posts for humor's sake alone. I'd say stick your toes in, see how it feels, and if you like it, ask a question or two. Opinions are strong here, though : it's not for everyone.

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    The atmosphere is either spiritual or religious.

    And if someone threatens someone you should report that person. People will write a good or bad answer. So, you must read everything with a grain of salt.

    And it is non'threatening in that no one, unless you give personal information about yourself, can harrass you. Because you could just report them.

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    well... I think you just need to take stuff with a grain of salt. You will hear a lot of:

    Without accepting Jesus, you WILL burn in HELL


    God is a fairytale. Get over it!


    If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys


    why do atheist come to the R&S section? Are they looking for God?

    Keep a bottle next to the computer... a lot of thse questions have become drinking games!

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    I would love for it to be a friendly atmosphere, but when you deal with someones religious becomes personal.

    I am new to the forum also and have found that Christians have been very hostile....saying things like "your going to hell if....", so I would suggest that if you are looking for acceptance in your religious beliefs that you should look in Y Groups. If you are willing to fight for your beliefs, then you are in the right place.

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    Charged... the tension in here is palpable... even from a desktop computer. If you want light discussion, you may want to check out a different section. This one is a place to come to only if you brougth plenty of ammo and are prepared to do battle

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