Why don't you think that Mormons are christians?

There are so many people out there that say we are not christians, why is that? If you look in the title of our church, it's "The Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter-Day Saints."

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    I think that the main reason people think Mormons aren't Christians is because they do not know that the official name of the Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; they only know us as "Mormons". Also, they do not know that we use the King James Version of the Bible; they think that all we use is the Book of Mormon. And, they believe that we worship Joseph Smith. In truth we revere Joseph Smith, the same as we revere Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob -- as prophets of God. We worship God our Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ.

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    The Mormon religion was founded less than two hundred years ago by a man named Joseph Smith. He claimed to have received a personal visit from God the Father and Jesus Christ and told that all churches and their creeds were an abomination. Joseph set out to impose a brand-new religion that claims to be the “only true church on earth.” The problem with Mormonism is that it contradicts, modifies, and expands on the Bible. Christians have no reason to believe that the Bible is not true and adequate. To truly believe in and trust God means to believe in His Word. And all Scripture is inspired by God, which means it comes from Him (2 Timothy 3:16).

    Counterfeit Christianity is probably the best description I can give for a cult. Counterfeit Christianity is an imitation of real Christianity. Bible terms like "Jesus Christ, Resurrection, Salvation, and Atonement" are used by the Cult, but the various cult groups have assigned entirely different meanings to these terms.

    Like counterfeit money which is sometimes difficult to detect, so it is difficult to detect counterfeit Christianity, since it looks like the real thing. Experts examining counterfeit money often hold it up to a strong light and look for identifying marks. Counterfeit Christianity also has identifying marks, which can be seen when, held up to an even stronger light, the light of God's word, the bible.

    We are at an advantage if we know what to expect from a cult. Cultists are very well trained to appear "Christian", and indeed believe they are the true churches, and you need the deliverance! Therefore, be bold and ask the question, "do you believe the group you represent is the only true church on the face of the earth?"

    If they reply that they are, or if they are evasive, making remarks like "Well, every church has a measure of truth but...", you have made an early detection of a Cultist.

    Every true Christian, if asked the same question, regardless of his denomination, would reply that the true church is comprised of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, and HE (not some organization) is THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, (John 14:6). No legitimate denomination would claim that they alone and their members have salvation exclusively, but the cults (the counterfeits) do.

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    That sounds like a really good & ernest question & one of the best ways I can think of is to show you what I believe as a Christian.

    I believe in God the Father, who manifests himself in three persons;

    God the Father

    God the Son

    God the Holy Spirit

    God the Father is Spirit & you worship him in Spirit & in Truth. He is Omnipotent (all powerful), Omniceint (all knowing) & Omnipresent (everywhere).

    God the Son is "God in the flesh", who's roll was to be born as a human so that he could die to reconcile man to God. He is all God (only God's DNA) & all man (born & could die). He was perfect & sinless and was the Lamb of God, brought into this world to die in our place, so all we have to do is believe in him.

    God the Holy Spirit is an "actual individual" & the gift given to those who place their faith in Jesus Christ. He is the comforter & the seal of God's guarantee of our inheritance.

    He is the source of our strength to do what we cannot do on our own, the fruit of the spirit & the spiritual gifts. With his presence indwelling us, we have power against the Satan & the deomons of this world.

    I believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God & although I use an "unaltered" KJV, I also have & use all the other unaltered versions. I also use other reference books, but only the Bible is the "Word of God".

    One thing that I believe is that many people that tend to get the Bible wrong are using our english defination of the words used.

    One must go to the Hebrew (for the O.T.) & the Greek (for the N.T.) to truly understand what is being said.

    The Bible always backs itself up, so if you find it in one place, you will find it in another. I also will not take anyone's word for it, I check it out myself.

    These are just a few of the things that I believe & are at the heart of the Christian faith. These are also some of the issues that are different between JW, LDS & Christianity.

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    I was reading the answers of Martin S and it seems that possibly what he says are the traditional Christian views as opposed to what the Mormons believe, makes me believe that the Mormons might just be what God considers the truth, and what the traditional Christan view is , is a view that has been modified and changed throughout the centuries. Maybe we do need modern revelation from a true Prophet of God who can proclaim with all the authority of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Isaiah and the rest of the ancient prophets, "thus saith the Lord God." I think that would be wonderful and it certainly would let people know the will of the Lord. I guess it would be up to us to choose whether we would follow or not.

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    I see no issue with someone objectively stating their opinions if they are based on a rational analysis of the issues. One can carefully study the doctrines and theologies of the Mormon beliefs (see sources below), and can then form their own conclusions. I have carefully studied Mormonism, met with many Mormons here in Arizona, am friends with Mormons, and have read all of materials held sacred by Mormons for over ten years.

    In the final analysis, I have found the non-Christian religions, such as Mormonism, to be philosophically indefensible, being internally incoherent or undermining human reason and experience.

    If you are confident enough in your own beliefs, then you will have no problem with reading some other analyses of your faith, such as the items shown below.

    Mormonism Summary:


    Is Mormonism Christian?:


    Doctrinal Writings of Mormon Leaders:


    More details for those wanting to go deeper:






    There are many members of religious groups that have staked their eternal souls on their beliefs without searching the scriptures and reviewing the doctrinal writings of church leaders to satisfy themselves that what they have been told is sufficiently rational and worth believing. Don’t let yourself be one of these persons. Mormons must ask their ward leadership about the things that they have read above. See if they are willing to enter into an honest and frank discussion about these matters versus telling them to avoid readings outside of your own faith. If they do the latter, such a dismissal of honest inquiry should be an alarm bell.

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    Mormons are Christans. But only in the sense they beleive in Jesus Christ. The differences between Mormonisim and other Christan religions is so drastic it leads people to beleive it's an entire different religion.

    The Mormon Faith has released a commercial advertising a free DVD and a free copy of the Book of Mormon. Reminds me of modern Jehovah Witnesses (no offence)

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    It's because the identity and characteristics of the Jesus Christ that you claim, doesn't match up with the Jesus Christ all the rest of the Christian community knows, loves, and worships.

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    Where do I start?

    The main thing is that Mormonism uses additional texts to the Bible for their beliefs. A Christian believes the Bible is the true word of God and the only true word of God. Joseph Smith stated the book of Mormon was the most correct book on earth. He has added to the Bible on his own using his own interpretations and beliefs. This is not Christian.

    Mormons believe that God didn't always exist but was created. Christians believe God always existed and always will exist. Mormons believe in levels of afterlife. The Bible tells us that there is only Heaven and Hell. Short and sweet, Christians follow the Bible, Mormons obviously do not.

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    Because you don't worship the Christ of the Bible, that's why.

    What Do Mormons Believe: The Primary Differences Between Mormonism & Christianity

    What Do Mormons Believe: Divine Authority

    The Mormon church uses two sources as its primary authorities: the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price are also viewed as divinely authoritative. The Christian church uses the Holy Bible alone as its authority from God. Joseph Smith is not recognized as a prophet.

    What Do Mormons Believe: The Nature of God

    The Mormon church sees God as the Supreme Being of the universe. However, He gradually acquired that position over a long period of time by living a perfect and righteous life. God the Father has a body (flesh and bones). The Christian church proclaims God as eternally and infinitely supreme. He is the same today as always. He is a spirit Being.

    What Do Mormons Believe: The Nature of Man

    The Mormon church teaches that humans exist as spirit beings before their birth. At physical birth, bodies are given to these spirits. They are also given an opportunity for free-will choice. The physical world represents a period of probation. The status of a person in the afterlife is determined by the way that person lived their life on Earth. If the person lived by a satisfactory standard, (including the fulfillment of Mormon temple obligations) that person has the potential to become a god in the after-life. They can also produce "spirit children" to populate a world of his own (like God did with the earth). The Christian church holds that humans do not exist as spirits prior to being born into the world. Humans cannot attain godhood or populate other worlds with "spirit children."

    What Do Mormons Believe: The Nature of Jesus Christ

    The Mormon church views Jesus and Satan as spirit brothers and sons of God. God put forth His plan of salvation for the world, and Satan proposed his own plan. Jesus accepted the Father's plan and offered to implement it as the Savior. The Father chose Jesus, and the spirit of Jesus was given a body through the virgin Mary. He was crucified on a Roman cross, and rose from the dead three days later to establish His deity. The character and life of Jesus is attainable by anyone who performs at such a righteous level. The Christian church teaches that Jesus Christ has existed eternally as the Son of God, the second "person" of the Trinity. Jesus took on human flesh about 2000 years ago and was born into the world through the virgin Mary. He was crucified on a Roman cross for our sins, and rose from the dead three days later to establish His deity.

    What Do Mormons Believe: How do we Achieve Salvation

    The Mormon church holds that Jesus Christ overcame physical death and guaranteed physical resurrection to all mankind. However, spiritual death can only be avoided through personal obedience of God's commandments. Forgiveness of sins requires faith, repentance and baptism by an approved Mormon priest. The practice of baptism for the dead is an extension of this belief, in which Mormons are baptized in proxy for those who have died without proper baptism. The Christian church teaches that we are unable to live a life righteous enough to meet God's perfectly holy standard. Therefore, we establish a relationship with God by faith in the work of Christ on the cross, not by our own works. Baptism and good deeds are acts of obedience to God, but not the means for gaining eternal salvation.

    What Do Mormons Believe: Life After Death

    The Mormon church maintains that although there is temporary punishment for those that are most wicked, Jesus Christ will establish a new kingdom that will consist of three levels: the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, and the telestial kingdom. The Christian church holds that there are only two possible fates after death, heaven or hell. These locations are final, both physically and spiritually.

    Source(s): The Answers button @ http://web.express56.com/~bromar/
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    Manily because they don't what we really believe. Look at the answers already most of them are things we don't believe. I know a lot has to do with the fact we view Jesus as the son of God. But the best thing to do is let them talk its not important how others view us but how you view yourself. We know who we are inside and so does God. Only God can be the judge of anyone.

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