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Benefits of a computer?

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Serious answers please!! I have been trying to convince my friend that computers are now a part of life..could anyone please help me by giving him the answers. the question i am ...show more
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basically every job, except strict manual labor requires technical skills. if you dont know how to use a computer to communicate within your company and with other companies you are worthless and nobody will hire you. the only way to learn computer skills is to use one. lots more, just my current thought
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  • The King answered 8 years ago
    A computer is a/The :

    Machine for downloading porn.
    What you are on now.
    The most useful and most frustrating thing any human being will ever work with.
    If you're looking up for the word computer, kill yourself.
    A tool that is supposed to save time but instead wastes time:
    1. Viruses
    2. Bugs
    3. Crashes
    4. Spy-ware
    That addicting little box you're sitting in front of.
    A device usually used for entertainment purposes.
    An excellent tool for completing several tasks, and multi-tasking. Allows you to get work done very quickly, and make it look great. Also used for gaming, research, online chat, and other forms of communication. Usually a problem-free machine that won't give you hassle unless you're using Windows.
    A genius! an object smarter than your boyfriend/girlfriend, can give you more pleasure and doesn't answer back. Relationships can be formed on it and whenever you get bored of it, there is a handy on/off switch.
    You can do pretty much anything you want with a computer, like God, but the computer also has free will, God's gift to humans, so it could suddenly crash if it wanted to.
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  • Mictlan_KISS answered 8 years ago
    I Can Use a PC to Search a Large Database of Answers, like Yahoo Answers, for Example, and Discover that there are over 504 Answers covering the exact same area your current question covers. And Probably if you refined your question, you could get maybe less or more answers depending on what benefits you wish to have.
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  • Frank answered 8 years ago
    Well, is your question trying to convince your friend to buy one?
    Buying a computer is different from learning how to becoming computer literate.

    Computers are a tool. Can become very useful or can become abused. Yes, society is becoming dependent on PCs. Don't be left behind. There is no need to be so far ahead that you become beta testers. Simple rule of thumb: "Leading Edge Not Bleeding Edge"
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  • wgtoyo answered 8 years ago
    Help with homework etc.
    Watch movies
    Download music
    Talk to friends (msn messenger etc)

    And if that does work......Just tag free porn on the end of that list. I'm sure that will bring him around
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  • hamed206 answered 8 years ago
    really there are two main benefits of the computer,the first one is regarding computer without internet and the second one is regarding computer with internet.

    Fitst:Computer only(without internet)

    1-In Business:
    -Write ur documents or researches(using microsoft word).
    -planning ur projects(using for example premavira).
    -Translating words from language to another using multilanguage dictionaries.
    -Calculation of complicated math equation.
    -economical uses
    -Graphic work(corel draw,phtoshop)
    -Multimedia Direction(Cyberlink PowerDirector,Ulead Video Studio)

    2-In Entertainment

    -Listening to music
    -watching movies
    -playing games

    3-Scientific uses

    -Medical such as in anatomy
    -Civil Engineering such as Autocad,Solidcad,WaterCad
    -Mining engineering such as Surface Deformation Prediction Software
    -Mechanical engineering(SolidCad)
    -Electrical Engineering (electric cycle programs)

    Second Computer With Internet:
    1-Connect to many people all over the world.
    2Stay up to date with what happening in the whole world.
    3-Reading the news,international news,local news,scientific news,sport news,medical news and crime news.
    4-Stay up to date with the new technology and information.
    5-Study and download scientific researches
    6-Manage ur work form ur office or home
    7-Talk to person u know and live in another country for free.
    9-Buy what ever u need and can't find in local shops.
    10-Solve ur problems.
    11-Find answers of most common issues.
    12-Repair ur car(by share ur problem with others in some forums & many sites provide this service).
    13-Stay contacted with new car models.
    14-Contact any company in all over the world.
    15-Get supported in ur life for most common problem u may experience.
    16-Track ur bank transactions,and get information about ur account & account balance.
    17-Help people like what we ar doing here now :)

    So as I'm an Engineer,the computer & internet is a very very important part in my life...i can't really live without computer.
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  • LEX answered 8 years ago
    The world at your fingertips.
    The biggest ever library in your own home.
    Meet and chat to interesting people from around the world.
    Get better deals. (that should clinch it??)
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  • The Dictator answered 8 years ago
    Young man,when I were a nipper wot didn't get 'aircuts,there were no such thing as computers and we did fine,lad!Computers mak' our young lads soft,young man!That's why we don't have tough players anymore,lad!


    Better off drinking alcohol and then collapsing in a field,young man!And get a haircut!
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  • More or less Cosmic answered 8 years ago
    A fast and convenient window to the world!
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  • suziejoy answered 8 years ago
    instant knowlage mail friends answers etc. everything is at your finger tips literally
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  • Benefits of a computer?
    Serious answers please!!
    I have been trying to convince my friend that computers are now a part of life..could anyone please help me by giving him the answers.
    the question i am asking is : What are the benefits of computers....please list your answers....thankyou all
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  • Polo answered 8 years ago
    Much quicker mail, for a start...
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  • adam g answered 8 years ago
    computer geek
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