is it possible to get domestic assault charges dropped?

my boyfriend & i were celebrating one night & were drinking heavily & all lovey dovey. well, i walked upstairs (all the light were off) & he followed a few minutes later from the kitchen area. all of a sudden he popped me right in the lip. he has no recollection thanks to mr. jack daniels & also from crown royal. i think i might have scared him when he came around the corner and he just reacted the wrong way. well, of course i start yelling at him and the neighbors heard through the paper thin walls and called the cops. all they asked was did he hit me and for my driver license then arrested him. i have to show up in court tomorrow, but i want the charges dropped. what can i expect from the court appearance since i didnt press charges - the state did -and is it possible to get the charges dropped? i have known him forever and he treats me like a queen and is a good guy who just made a mistake. we're not even allowed to speak to each other and we're in the process of moving in together!

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    Those charges cannot be dropped by you. Once the state picks up the case its all theirs now. If he plead not guilty, when the case goes to trial, you can testify that it was a mistake and the charges can be dropped that way. The state did this because of the many women who abuse the court system by calling police to get the guy for abuse then taking him back and dropping the charges only to be in the same situation all over again.

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    If you are telling the truth and this is the only time he's ever hit you, then I can see trying to get the charges dropped.

    If he has no recollection that he "popped" you in the lip, then your drinking is probably not a new item, and I worry that the hitting is not either. People don't usually drink that heavily till they don't remember things unless they do it regularly. So my worry is that he's regularly a heavy drinker, and you may have left out details, like other time's he's hit you.

    If he's regularly a heavy drinker, then living together is a bad plan. Heavy drinkers rarely treat their women like queens. And if you were drinking heavily, then the lovey dovey wasn't going to work anyway, as lots of alcohol ruins the sex. That's just a fact of life.

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    Talk with his lawyer and follow his/her directions carefully. Tell the truth (!), but don't beg for his release; that would just indicate the possibility of your being a battered woman.

    Stick to the facts of the case and keep your emotional responses to a minimum. If he really is "a good guy who just made a mistake", say so and let the judge decide from there.

    As for who pressed charges, that's really not important; the plans you've both made for his future are much more important, and more meaningful to the court. This may just be the "wake up call" you both need to cut down on the drinking; tell the judge so.

    Good luck to you both!

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    if that's the state procecuting (no longer you), you heavily isn't waiting to get them dropped, that's the states accountability to achieve this. in case you're in a violent relationship (the place you the two do the hitting & pushing) you extra useful get out of it. No evaluate going to counseling. as quickly as you have crossed that bridge, you won't be in a position to uncross it, you will continually pass lower back on your violent tactics with one yet another. Time to go on & start up a healthful relationship with somebody else. the incontrovertible fact which you & your companion are the two violet & in straight forward terms he have been given expenses pressed against him is especially tousled, you the two might desire to be charged. shame on you for calling the police officers & placeing blame on him. If i grow to be him, i may be pissed & no longer choose for you lower back.

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    i am in the same situation my fiance has been in the cells since friday night for assult against me i phoned the guards he is in court 2moro ui have to go to the court and spak to the people in charge as they are the ones charging him not me none of this was ever explained to me so as far as i am made to believe you can tell them that you don't want to press charges make sure you tell his lawyer

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    you cant get them dropped

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