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Can the NHL be saved?

Ever since Gary Bettman took over as the commissioner of the NHL the league has done nothing but spiral downward into what could be a fatal crash if it is not rescued sometime soon in the immediate future.

1. There have been 2 lockouts under his tenure which is unreal.

2. He implemented what has to be the worst scoring format in the history of all sports by rewarding losing teams with 50% of what the winning teams get because they played hard to a tie.

3. He has all but sissified the sport by adding an obscene amount knicky knack penalties. ( Hockey is not supposed to be 5 on 3 people. )

4. He never apologized to ESPN for the idiotic strike that cost them millions of dollars. Most people can not get OLN.

5. He managed to lose more fans in his tenure than attract to the NHL.

6. He expanded the league way too fast.

7. He changed the historic division names to moronic names.

8. He recently threw some bs comment out there about getting rid of the physical element of the game as if it was something the players wanted. BS!

The NHL is dying faster than most people know.

When is the NHL going to get their act together and get rid of this guy? Please include anything I may have missed.


Clay Meow are you high? These are all facts! Hockey is in big trouble dude.

Wake up and smell the Sanka!

Update 2:

zyberianwarrior you are so full of sh!t.

Attendance is not up and I don't wish it would die.

Most people can't even afford to o to the games. And it's not shown in most areas of the country. What are you smoking?

Update 3:

Yes. We all know Pittsburgh was a huge draw this year because of Crosby and their efforts to save their team. Buffalo is all of a sudden a hot ticket over the past 2 years.

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    Wise One, I agree with you 100%. I hate Gary Bettman with a passion, and he has done nothing but make the whole sport and league go downhill ever since he became commissioner. And then they wonder why the number of viewers went down last year for the Stanley Cup Finals. I hate hockey not being able to be shown on ESPN, where they would get a lot more viewership than this stupid VS channel. More people who are just sports fans in general would turn on a hockey game and become interested in the sport if ESPN could broadcast games. And if he EVER takes away the freaking physical element of hockey, he should be shot in the head. Physical is what hockey is. Hockey is meant to be physical, and there are supposed to be fights in hockey. Thats what makes hockey, hockey! The lockouts (especially 04-05) are the main reasons why the NHL has lost many of its fans. And now, if a team is doing really good, they get nothing but more bandwagoning fans, whom I hate. I love hockey and I hate to see it like this, but it does have to be saved. Everytime I see Bettman, he just makes me cringe.

    And I don't actually know this, but is Bettman the one who hires these BS officials (referees & linesman)? Because ever since the lockout, it seems that they have gotten a lot worse and full of BS than they ever were. Is this just me? And was is also Gary Bettman who was talking about taking the NHL out of the Winter Olympics after Vancouver 2010? That would just be awful.

  • 4 years ago

    NHL needs to stop going for mass appeal. Be true to the roots of speed, checking, and intensity. Stop tinkering to make it more like the NBA. Fire Bettman and get a savvy Canadian to be the chief again. Move two souther US teams back to Canada which with the salary cap can afford it. Cut two teams to get the quality up even higher. Get rid of the shoutout. This is not FIFA it's hockey. Can the instigator rule so guys will respect each other. These are the first steps.

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    And to go way back in time, the NHL had a national TV contract in the U.S. in the 1950s, but league officials decided it didn't need the exposure in markets besides the six cities and didn't renew it. The NHL has given fans every reason not to support the product and now they aren't. The NHL will have some very tough decisions to make in the coming years - contraction, as one - if attendance league-wide continues to drop and interest among sports fans is less than the poker tournaments.

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    To: zyberianwarrior

    Where you born this stupid or did you have to work at it?

    All of the guy's statements are true like it or not. Nobody wants ao see the NHL die at all but the sport is going in the wrong direction that is for sure.

    This is not some skate-rat game you play with your little friends, it's real hockey being transformed into a pansy recreation.

    5 on 3 is ridiculous!

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    Bettman fought to keep hockey in Buffalo after all the BS surrounding the bankruptcy from our previous @$$clown owners...the Regiers.

    Other than that, Bettman is the ULTIMATE @$$clown.

    I'm all for the new rules that make the game more exciting, but without decent TV contracts, good relations with the NHLPA, and a tough stance on the validity of fighting...well...we can only hope dude gets some kind of freak heart attack.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Can only be saved if Bettman hears the words...YOU FIRED. He is destroying the NHL and turning it into a wuss game. Watch lacrosse man. That is the best sport.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have been watching hockey for years and it's taken a turn for the worst that is for sure.

    When a major hockey city like Chicago can't see their Blackhawks play something is wrong. I don't care how bad they are. You could always see the hawks on the tube.

    It is very obvious that Bettman is the worst thing that could have ever happened to the NHL.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you wish it was dying.

    i dont know about lockout #1 but lockout #2 was actually the fault of the players union rep. The players were willing to accecpt a cap but that bozo held firm and then settled for LESS than the NHL offered to begin with. That bozo was soon thrown out of as player rep.

    The league has ALWAYS had a 1 point for a tie only recently was the shootout added forcing a must win every game.

    Hockey is FUN 5-3 and stick calls are not sissy.

    ESPN was the blame NOT Bettman. Bettman wanted a US national contract. ESPN was too chicken **** and offered mind numbing sports like baseball and poker. ESPN bailed out BEFORE the strike.

    5 Attendance is UP not DOWN!

    6 maybe yes and maybe no

    7 this was because of #6 and a shootout win (they needed TWO POINTS) for the Islanders to get in instead of Toronto made for some great drama on the last day.

    8 I didn't hear that one.

    Get your facts straight before ripping on a great sport again

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    How can you say its dying when salaries have spiralled up and up over the years? There's no shortage of cities who want teams - even building arena's hoping to attract teams. Attendance across the league is at an all time high.

    If the league was in trouble you would see teams heading for the smaller market but safe Winnipegs, Quebecs and Hamiltons but that hasn't happened

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    I heard that comment Bettman made and it was complete BS! No player let alone players even stated anything to that nature.

    I have a lot of friends that live in the midwest area and they can not get a game on to save their lives. It's sad.

    ESPN was the key and Bettmen should have made things right with them.

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