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CAN CHRISTIANS LEARN TO PRAY FOR WHAT REALLY MATTERS? Instead of asking God for a headache to go away?

Christians don't know how to pray.

They only pray for what they want or they ask others to do the praying......MUCH LIKE CHRISTMAS TIME. TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? I WANT THIS AND THAT BUT IT HAS TO BE RED...

I got so sick of people using prayer for money, husbands, job promotions, someone is sick or dying pray for them..............I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF A CHRISTIAN NOT ASK FOR SOMETHING!



There are things far worse happening in the world that deserve prayers over "please help my husband get a better job so we can pay all our bills?" These things are PETTY!




MzDeeLicious, you're funny :) you make me laugh! :)

Update 2:

arily666, I know I've been so mean lately....I will work on it.

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    people pray for what they believe to be a problem. a headache can be a result of stress and they just want that to go away. yes we should certainly be thankful for the wonderful things we have. everyone prays in their own way and it is our obligation as gods children to respect that.

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    Take a deep breath and relax. What I pray for isn't really any of your business is it now? And even if I do pray for what's frivilious (although my blinding migraines might beg to differ) it's not like I'm going to use up all the God.

    And I do lots of praising and thanking too. I pray for big things (situation in Darfur, troops overseas, etc) I thank God for food and shelter, but why do you care if I want help finding a new job (and don't tell me it's petty when it's the difference between me continuing to have that food and shelter)

    But I guess you know better than I do. Go pray for the 'big things' or pray for the willingness to accept what you can't change (instead of praying that it will change which would be *gasp* asking for something, just like he were santy claus.)

    Glad you're here to educate us and save us from ourselves. Now go get over yourself and come back when you have a sense of perspective.

  • Not all Christians are like what you see on TV. I live here South Asia and I am a believer. I know there are HUGE and important things that need prayer. I pray for those. The awesome thing about God is that he cares even about the little things in your life. It's great to know that Jesus cares for the things that make me cry, make me stressed about and make me frustrated with... he cares about that little things AND the huge things.

    So, I pray all the time. Praying is just talking to God. I praise him and thank him for everything, as well as asking him for things. God is amazing and he really does care about us!

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    God tells us to bring everything to Him, including headaches, financial worries, bad jobs, whatever is going on in our lives....why do I have to accept something as unchangeable, when I serve a God that can change it. The Serentiy Prayer was not given to us as a prayer from God. Our example of how to pray is the Lord's Prayer that Jesus gave us.

    My God is big enough to handle anything I throw at Him. I am also to thank Him for everything I have and what He is going to do for me...we are told "in all things to give thanks". And there are days that I really don't feel like doing that. I pray for my roses to grow...may seem petty to others, but God said to give Him everything, big or small and He will take care of it...that's what He's for.

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    Yes, Can you learn to stop generalizing Christians. Not all christians do this. Some Christians do pray for what really matter's you are not a know it all and you do not know every christian in the world like you think you do and sound like you do.

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    can YOU learn not to rag on other religions? if you are not christian, than how do you know what we pray for huh?... i dont pray out loud so what do i pray for?, answer that and then maybe ill respect your question but until then why dont you ask a question AFTER you know what what you are talking about?

    ppl like you annoy me, every religion wants to be accepted, and i think ppl can believe in what they want and i dont think that any one religion has room to criticize another. i have never heard ANYBODY ,christian or not, pray for a head ache to go away. so really dont be so judgemental on the christian religion, or anyother for that matter, because you have absolutley no right to.

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    You must not know God, if you did, you would be a Christian. Christians pray for everything, including headaches. God cares for us and He is concerned for our wellbeing. He is our Father and we have a relationship with Him. He taught us how to pray. I pray in many different ways all day long and I pray in the Spirit. God tells us to cast ALL our cares upon Him for He cares for us. We ask for many things because God answers our prayers.

    Source(s): The Holy Ghost
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    God cares about every aspect of the lives of His children. Nothing is too small to pray for. I agree that sometimes we can get very selfish and only pray for things that affect us, and that is wrong- but that does not mean that praying for the sick, praying for God to provide is wrong.

    There are things that we cannot change, and we do have to learn to accept that- but only when God says things will not change. God answers yes, no or wait. We are to pray without ceasing. I am thankful that God cares about the small things- because that shows that He is concerned for me. That is not selfish - that is humbling to me- why would God care that much- I do not deserve it at all. To me prayer is not asking God to do our will , but getting us ready to do His.

    By the way, you forgot to mention what you thought was important. You obviously do not know the One true living God.

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    What do you do about the things you think 'matter'?

    Read Funana's answer again, She prays to my God too!

    We are not babies but we are God Almightys Children!

    Don't you care about when your child has a headache?

    Oh and we do pray that God would protect our Children and Brothers and Sisters from being subjected to people like you!

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    Thanks for the preachy tirade.

    Yes, Christians can learn to pray for what really matters. But the question is who are you to decide what really matters. Does he not care for the lillies of the field, the birds etc and count the hairs on your head. God is in the details and he cares about everything we do. Including asking self-righteous questions like this. If you truly want to help people pray in more genuine, thoughful and blessed ways suggest of good book or better yet pray for your fellow human beings for God's grace.

    If you truly walk your talk, get over your self.

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