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BMW Z4 roadster or Audi TT roadster?

Which one would you pick?

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    Hmmm, I dont think that first has owned both as he'd have been more than aware about the dashboards falling out on them if he had.

    Both are gorgeous cars, and it epends what Z4 you're thinking of getting. The lower end models suffer from having something of a shortfall on power, once you approach the larger engine, the straight sixes are a far superior engine the turbo'd four in the audi. Manybe not in terms of outright power, but it has visceral charm that a turbo four will never have.

    The Z4 is very much more the sports car and definitely has the better chassis, bringing the more expensive models to within a whisker of being as good as a boxster. Other details, like rear wheel drive, inline engine and the ability to drift the back end all day long make it much more the drivers car. Down to little details like when stationary and you blip the throttle, the car rocks from side to side like a big capacity sportscar should.

    Thats not to say the TT is a bad car, far from it, but if you check out you will see that it suffers a host of electrical problems, odd considering every other audi has rock solid reliability. I mentioned the dasboards falling out, most have been corrected by now under warranty, but electrical gremlins are commonplace. The TT is the choice if you're not a confident driver, as a straight six powered Z4 will step its back end out at every oppurtunity, something you either love or loathe depending on your ability as a driver. The problem with the first generation TT is that is not a real drivers car. The new model has been hugely developed and is up there with the best, so if you're looking at a new shape then great. If youre looking at the old shape then be prepared for a golf in a party dress.

    Ultimately, men would take the bigger engined Z4, women would take the TT if you want to pigeonhole it.

    As an aside, have you looked at the Honda S2000? More reliable than either, build quality that no german company can rival and a howling 9000rpm engine. It swaps the Z4's charisma for clinical precision.

    I'd plumb for the Z4 as long as it was powered by a straight six.

    Course there's always the SLK........

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    Boy, a lot of information and mis-information out there already. Don't listen to that dashboard-falling-out or Audi-saved-from-the-brink stuff. Audi's sales growth has been outpacing Mercedes and BMW since the late 80s. If you go to an airport or hotel parking lot in Europe today, you'll be flabbergasted how many Audis are sitting there compared to the other premium brands. They simply make better cars with innovation where it counts, i.e. in the drive train and in safety. And no, I don't work for Audi. :-)

    Anyway, back to your question. drawings_online probably got closest to what I would say. Not sure if I'd make the BMW the man's car and the Audi the one for the ladies. But it's true that the Z4 will require a more experienced and skilled right foot, especially if you live somewhere where you have to deal with water and/or snow on the road. But then again, the new TT can be very actively driven. In fact, in the standardized "track test" of a German car-TV-show, the TT quattro went around the rather twisty track in 19.42 seconds, followed by a Porsche 911 GT3 (!), an Audi RS4, and then the BMW Z4 3.0 at 19.6 seconds.

    In the end, I would pick the Audi. It's better to drive overall while being just as fast or even faster than the Z4.

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    I had a similar situation a year ago. I did a lot of research. Car and Driver did a test between the Z4, TT, S2000, Boxter, and 350Z. I was very suprised to find out that the S2000 was not only the least expensive but also out performed almost all of them. Car and Driver selected the S2000 as the best of the best roadsters.

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    I would pick the BMW, the Z4 is a solid car with history and background the TT is something Audi concocted to save their four ringed circus from death. If you are considering buying either of these cars then I would recommend the Z4 3.0i w/ the sport package a simple car with a monstrous power to weight ratio and the sport package adds a whole lot of under body work and suspension settings which help set it apart in the California sea of BMW's. Additionally just look at the German car ranking Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and VW. There is order for a reason and anyone could contest that BMW should be #2 with the recent mbz cheap build.

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    I've owned both. The Audi TT roadster is a far superior car. It has a smoother ride, more power, and in my opinion looks better. The Audi TT is also the best engineered car in the world while the Z4 has a lot of problems.

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    Porsche Boxster. Any time of the day or the night. It's a Porsche. It's more reliable than other two cars. It's also nicer IMO, BMW is vulgarly overdesigned and Audi is sterile.

  • I admit I love my TT Roadster, although it is not as hard core as a BM Z4.

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    Audi TT with Quattro

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    Z4 everytime

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    Between the two, the Z4. Consider the Nissan 350Z. With the 350Z you will blow the doors off both the BMW and the Audi.

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