What is the difference between "predominant", "dominant" and "prominent"?

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    Predominant: leading/most imnportant: Smoking is the predominant cause of lung disorders.

    Dominant - overbearing : The largest dog is usually the dominant one in the pack

    Prominent - sticks out: He has a prominent nose.

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    Main Entry: pre·dom·i·nant

    Pronunciation: -n&nt

    Function: adjective

    1 : having superior strength, influence, or authority : PREVAILING

    2 : being most frequent or common

    Main Entry: 1dom·i·nant

    Pronunciation: -n&nt

    Function: adjective

    1 a : commanding, controlling, or prevailing over all others <the dominant culture> b : very important, powerful, or successful <a dominant theme> <a dominant industry>

    2 : overlooking and commanding from a superior position <a dominant hill>

    3 : of, relating to, or exerting ecological or genetic dominance

    4 : being the one of a pair of bodily structures that is the more effective or predominant in action <dominant eye>

    Main Entry: prom·i·nent

    Pronunciation: -n&nt

    Function: adjective

    1 : standing out or projecting beyond a surface or line : PROTUBERANT

    2 a : readily noticeable : CONSPICUOUS b : widely and popularly known : LEADING

    synonym see NOTICEABLE

    Source(s): Merriem-Webster online dictionary
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    Entry Word: predominant

    Function: adjective

    Text: coming before all others in importance <parental involvement has been found to be the predominant factor in a child's success in school> -- see FOREMOST 1

    Entry Word: dominant

    Function: adjective

    Text: coming before all others in importance <the dominant authority on the English language> -- see FOREMOST 1

    Entry Word: prominent

    Function: adjective

    Text: 1 likely to attract attention <an attorney who occupies a prominent position in the town's social hierarchy> -- see NOTICEABLE

    2 widely known <prominent figures in the history of sports> -- see FAMOUS

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    I think this is to do with sexual positions?

    Predominent - Mostly, women like to be on top.

    Dominant - That woman WILL be on top.

    Prominent - Enough said!

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    predominant = having control, superior

    dominant = ruling, prevailing

    prominent = distinguished

    Source(s): concise oxford dictionary
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    I think Tracy Moo has got it sussed.

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    Loadsa different letters !!

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    ugggh u got me sorry )=

    good luck

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