Great-Granddaughter of Vardamir of Numenor in Lord of the Ring Sagas?

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    Vardamir had at least 3 great-granddaughters specifically mentioned in the sagas although there may well have been more.

    Silmarien and Isilme through the line

    Vardamir > Tar-Amandil > Tar-Elendil > Silmarien & Isilme

    and Lindisse through the line

    Vardamir > Nolondil > Axantur > Lindisse

    of these Silmarien is by far the most historically significant as the ancestor of the Kings of Gondor and Arnor and the line of Aragorn.

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    Don't know, but the first ruling Queen of Numenor was Tar-Ancalime, and she was fifth in succession after Vardamir.

    Source(s): Lord of the RIngs, Appendix A
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    Lindisse Pax - C.

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