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What home-made dishes do you cook using the microwave?

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    White Sauce ! ! !

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    A dish called Bacon and Fish o'leekie. First recipe that I've ever cooked in the microwave, and it was brilliant. After this success I might even try a few more recipes

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    Many, many things can be cooked in a microwave *as long as* they don't need to be browned (though special pans and papers will do that too to some extent), or sauteed ... using microwave energy is just another way to get heat into foods to cook them.

    However, many people think of a microwave as useful only for heating up previously-cooked foods, and for that it's brilliant of course, but it will really do so much more.

    Check out many many things that can be cooked in a microwave here:

    ... or go check out some of the cookbooks that come with microwaves, or many microwave cookbooks in book stores.

    For myself, I primarily cook vegetables in my microwave (--and it's an urban legend that the nutrients are removed, in fact it's one of the best ways to keep them in--), but that's because I often like to brown my meats, or cook a *load* of things in a skillet or big pot (which is just more convenient to do on a stove top). I also "steam" most of my veggies in it, etc., as well as just reheating foods or boiling water for coffee/tea, etc.


    Diane B.

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    Fish does the best. I mean the filet cuts, like flounder. The secret is microwave-safe ceramic pans and DOUBLE plastic wrap across the top, punch a small hole to ventilate. Otherwise, microwave cooking of just about anything else needs a sauce.

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    To save the time I have been known to cook a Meatloaf in the Microwave

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    Any home cooked meals except baking (bread, cakes, pastry), long slow cooking (stewing meat) and boiled or fried eggs, are done in the microwave.


    Scrambled eggs, bacon and tomatoes for breakfast.




    Casseroles with or without dumplings


    Pasta dishes

    Steamed sponge pudding and custard

    Stewed fruit


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    i never cook home-made dishes in the microwave,i only warm food in there!

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    I can make a mean beef or pork vindaloo in 30 minutes in the microwave. Now that I work mainly for home this is not necessary, but it was fantastic when I had to go to the office.

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    Ick, I hate microwave "baked" potatoes. The skins are not getting crispy/flaky like they'd desire to. :P Heating up leftovers, particularly. additionally, defrosting some issues speedier, heating up a cup of tea from my teapot. I warmth up jam or pb for some seconds so it is not ice chilly as quickly as I placed it on toast (i exploit organic pb that should be refrigerated so the oil does not separate). I not often do microwave popcorn. i don't like it. I usually air pop it. It' purely as rapid & tastes a hell of lots extra advantageous.

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    I don't cook any meals in the microwave, because it kills the nutritional content of the food.

    Example: if you microwave water, let it cool, and use it to water your plants, they'll start turning brown and dying. Try it, and use regular water on another plant as a control. I saw this at a science fair and haven't used a micro since.

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    Paprika Chicken

    Thai Green Curry

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