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ok i find this a bit over the top (smacking storys)?

there is some one saying somthing like 'i think there is somthing fishey about this'

She is saying about someone who claims they have been spanked on the bere bum in public. it is oviously just some one messing around especially as in 1 question they say they are 10 and anouther 11. its just gunna be some kid messing around and some people are talking about reporting it to the police. The kid doing it will get in alot of trouble and then prouberly would get a slap round the butt. if you feel you must do somthing then report it to yahoo and i have emailed the person andsoon i will let you no if they are just messing what do you feel on this.


first questions asked she was 11 then the last 1 she was10

Update 2:

jupitere i think what you did is right. you dontneed thumbs down coz what would people prefer to see a boy getting smacked on his bere bum or a little boy getting pushed over and his head cracked open? sounds like they want the second onewhat has his world come to.

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    I don't qwant to know so won't be reading this again.

    Family business is for the family. smack on a bare bum when a child has been very naughty works.

    When my youngest was just walking my other son kept [pushing him in a shop with a concreted floor, that was tiled.

    So for the safety of the youngest I pulled down eldest son, by 2 years, pants and smacked him telling not to push his brother.

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    I am amazed that you are complaining about the person who expressed concern and not the original posts.

    What has happened is that two people are repeatedly posting long detailed stories about smacking girls, pulling down their clothes, and humiliating them in public.

    The details are far more than you'd need to understand the question.

    It makes no difference if you e-mail them. If this is one 50 year old bloke with two accounts, do you think he is going to tell you the truth?

    Yahoo must be concerned - they've removed the most offensive post already.

    Smacking your own child is one thing, these posts are another. Thats not what people are worried about. Its the long, detailed, lurid tales that are being posted that are the problem.

    There is a difference between asking or answering a question and posting a fantasy.

    Posting a fantasy involving a child is not acceptable, whether its a teenager messing about or something more sinister isn't the point.

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    I have just read it and i was horrified that a 10/11 yr old's parent would actually strip them in public....very degrading! I agreed with one guy that replyed who said that no child line would agree to smacking.

    I really hope this does turn out to be a hoax and this is not really going on!

    Ps reading the above never in my life have i seen a mother take down pants and smack a 2yr old in public!!! I guess that would be every paedophiles dream!!!! Each and every one to their own but i am complately horrified!

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    come on summit is not right it could be a kid messing about or it could be summit alot worse i happen to love kids and care about all kids i aint gonna sit back and forget about it it could well be nothing but it could also be summit to i would rather be safe then sorry to many nut cases out there

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    If he did something wrong and deserved the spanking then that's fine. But taking his pants down in public is wrong. If my son did something that deserved a spanking no matter where we are I would spank him but NOT bare bottom!

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    Maybe he was 10 and then he had a birthday?

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    not in to smacking at all it does not work you can try other stuff instead .

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