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can i grow rhubarb in the hot dry climate of north cyprus?

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    heirloom vegetable seeds How To Grow Rhubarb

    1. Soil Preparation:

    Rhubarb is suitable to a wide range of soils provided they are not wetlands, Chose an open site which is free from shade. Dig up the plot in the fall and apply a generous quantity of compost to it. Rake in a good fertiliser prior to planting.

    2. Sowing and Planting:

    For the best results, sow your seeds in small pots indoors during the winter. Transplant the seedlings into your open plot, or a large pot, during the spring. Space the plants 36 inches apart or incorporate them into your landscape. Tamp the soil around the seedling so that it is firm.

    3. Looking After the Crop:

    Keep your rhubarb well watered and feed the plants regularly during the summer. Place a mulch or compost over the crowns of the plant during the winter.

    4. Harvesting:

    Allow new plants to establish themselves for 12 - 18 months before harvesting. To harvest, begin pulling the stalks in April by holding the stalk close to the ground and pulling upwards with a twist of the wrist.

    If you would like an earlier harvest, you can force one or two plants in January by covering the crown with an upturned bucket which is then covered in straw. These forced stalks will be ready in 6 weeks time and will be thin and pale in colour. Besides an earlier harvest, the other benefit to forcing is that these stalks will require less sugar and preparation in the kitchen. If you force a plant, do not force it again for 2 years. NEVER strip your plants - always leave at least four stalks on the plant and do not harvest after July. Rhubarb will be productive for 5 - 10 years.

    5. Storage:

    The best way to store rhubarb is by freezing. To freeze, place a layer of rhubarb stalks in an open freezer tray and freeze them for 1 hour. Then pack them into freezer bags and re-freeze. Rhubarb can be kept in the freezer for 1 year.


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    Yes. Whilst they need water and you are in a dry climate do not over water. Give the rhubarb some shade and keep the area immediately round them covered in crushed lava if you can get it if not use something similar. A small dish of water placed under the leaves will evaporate and help to stop the leaves drying out too quickly.

    This keeps the root cool and allows any dew to condensate and drop through the stones to the plant whilst acting to limit evaporation. I always found that a small pile of rotting grass cuttings nearby had excellent results too but make sure that there is no weedkiller or lawn food in them.

    Whilst the leaves and pale pink bottom of the stork are mildly poisonous you can use these as a natural insectacide by steeping them in water for a few days and spraying it over your other plants!

    Good luck,

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    I would have told you "no way !", but I answered a question from a successful grower in Sidney, Australia last week. Being a successful rhubarb grower here in North Dakota but unable to grow it in Virginia, I always assumed it needed a hard winter chill, but then what do I know. North Dakota isn't Cypress but we get 110deg days with 50mph winds and the rhubarb does great. I still don't think Cypress is the right place for rhubarb but with enough fertilizer (they are heavy feeders) and water, anything is possible. RScott

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    Rhubarb Cloche

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    rhubarb originates from Siberia and to produce the best shoots needs a period of frost in winter.

    planting-it needs full sun or partial shade and water retentive soil, in February sprinkle a hand full of grow more round the plants and in summer give plenty of water.Dont mulch the plants in winter.

    go to www.gardenaction.co.uk

    you should get more on this.

    Good luck.

    Gardner 30 odd yrs

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    Yes! One of the main requirements of growing rhubarb is a moist soil and plenty of organic manure if you can provide these conditions you can grow it well and get a very heavy crop

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    Use a cloche in reverse paint the class or plastic cover , old large coke bottles up side down filled with water make about a one eighth hole through the cap push into soil near plant , keep topping up , works well in pathos at my dads place

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    It can be done if you grow it in a shady place and keep it well mulched and watered

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