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Do cats eat fish naturally?

I ask because my cat hates fish

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    Although cats in the wild are opportunistic feeders and will seatl a meal when they can. They are not prone to be fish eaters, they will eat anything when hungry. If a fish presents themslves, they will eat it (i.e. if an eagle drops it or it is left over). Naturally, no most cats come from the drier climates and desearts (no fish there). When food is short, and the days are dry, they will resort to catching fish or stealing fish if available (since they are quick) from various other preaditors. Most cats however eat meat. not fish. Domestic cats are drawn to the protein smells in fish. and would not naturally eat or hunt fish. They are adaptive to their surroundings and will eat pretty much anything that is given to them if hungry. But to answer your question NO. Most cats don't like water or anything in it.

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    Cat Eating Fish

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    We have 2 cats, one loves fish and one hates it! Don't know if cats eat fish naturally I would assume they do.

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    Domestic cats are the fussiest eaters in the world! If they don't like it they wont eat it. At this time I have one who will eat anything she's given and trys to catch fish or frogs in tanks and one who will only eat cat food or the occasional tin of sardines or mackeral! Any others are dismissed! He pays no attention to the live fish in my tanks!

    I once had a Scottish wild cat/domestic cat mix and luckily garden ponds were scarce! He hunted everything from rabbits to minnows!

    In the wild some species of cats fish like bears!

    Source(s): Cat owner for 50+ yrs
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    Some like fish and some don't. It's just a food preference. If you've never given your cat fish before, of course it wouldn't really like it after years of dry or wet food.

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    I think it must vary,because we had a wild cat living in our garden and he never went near the ponds we have which are full of fish, but the neighbours cat sits looking longingly at them and and in the blink of an eye flips one out with her paw and runs off with it I assume she eats it,so it must be a matter of taste, as with we humans, I can't stand cheese but most people love it.

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    My neighbours cat is the same has yours will not eat fish.

    I have a dog & my vet told me my dog needs less meat than a cat.

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    Some do.

    A relative of mine owns a farm in the highlands of Scotlands and there used to be this huge Scottish wildcat there that I used to see sometimes.I once saw him hook a fish out of a brook.

    He mated with my Uncle's farmcat and his daughter is now my pet cat.

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    My cat does not like fish either

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    The stray cats eat my pond fish

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