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Dog Training!?

Hey, im thinking of getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel but i need some dog triaing so if you now a online FREE, NO downloading website please tell me or if you can give me tips and things like

How to make my dog to comands

What my dog needs

Any health things i need to know?

and things like that thanks either tell me on this or

thanks x

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    This website is amazing ;

    It tells you a little bit about training and how to care for your dog.

    As far as health: SPAY/NEUTER. thats the best advice I can give to anyone. If you don't plan on showing your dog do this as soon as possible (6-8 months). Make sure you get Frontline/Advantix for fleas/tick .. you'll need a brush, dog food (a good dog food with no fillers .. I recommend Canidae, California Natural or Innova), water/food bowl, leash, collar, tags, MICROCHIPPED, vaccinations, toys, crate, bed and some treats.

    I would also recommend going to an obidence class. Petsmart has one or you can look around your area for a class.

    Good luck and Hope this helped!

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    Maybe your dog is NOT a well-behaved dog.But whatever your reasons are,It is NOT your dog' fault.In fact,dogs are very very clever.They just need to be trained.But, dog training method could not be expressed clearly just by single sentence.It requires some basic professional knowledges.Well, to gain those knowledges is not that difficult.SO you do NOT need those professional dog trainer and you do NOT need some 12–week dog obedience training plan where you do almost the same thing each week.Yourself can also become an excellent dog trainer in several hours.So If you want to learn what it really takes to transform your dog’s behavior problems,understand and communicate with your dog now,you can visit the site listed below.It provide you with the most popular and easiest dog training Guide.There is the easiest method to make your dog to listen to you in the shortest period of time.



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    Clicker training is a very effective method of dog training. has articles for you to read - also check out the main site for an explanation of clicker training theory. The only thing you'll need to buy is a clicker, and some food that your dog LOVES - not just kibble - that usually isn't a strong enough reward. Try tiny bits of all-beef hot dogs, cheese, or soft dog treats broken into tiny pieces- the pieces should be very small.

    This page has lots of excellent behavior and training articles:

    This book is an excellent training resource:

    Make sure you choose the breeder carefully - DO NOT buy your pup from a pet store (they almost always come from puppy mills and have health and behavior issues), and if you select a dog from a newspaper ad, you'll want to make sure the breeder has the parents (or at least the mother) on site, that the dogs are allowed inside, and are well-cared for, friendly, and healthy. The mother dog should be friendly and well-behaved.

    See these articles about the importance of choosing a good breeder, and avoiding puppy-mill puppies:

    While you can do a lot of training at home, it really is best to find a obedience class to take your puppy to. Socialization (exposing your puppy to positive experiences with lots of other dogs, and all sorts of different types of people while your puppy is at an age where it is more accepting of new experiences) is very important in helping a puppy grow to be tolerant and well-behaved around other dogs and people as it matures. Puppy classes and basic obedience classes are great for socializing a puppy and helping it grow to be a well-behaved and well-socialized adult dog. Look for a class that emphasizes positive methods. Observe any class before you sign up & bring your puppy, and if you're uncomfortable with the trainer or techniques used, find another class. Avoid any class that advocates using a choke collar or 'corrections' for teaching dogs. You want your dog to listen to you and obey because it wants to, not because it fears punishment. Positive training is best for teaching reliable off-leash obedience. A good class is well worth the expense, because it provides a solid foundation and good beginning for your pup's life.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi, I understand that you are looking for some advice or resources to help fully train your dog or fix behavior problems. If a professional dog trainer is not an option at this time, or if you want to trt training your dog on your own (a great way to bond), I'd suggest you

    A friend recommened it to me a few years ago, and I was amazed how quickly it worked, which is why I recommend it to others. The dog training academy also has as an excellent home training course.

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    Type in breed on search and I'm sure you will find a site all about them! Other owners and breeders are always the best to ask for advice because although most training is basic to all dogs some do require different handling! When-ever you buy a puppy the first place it should visit is a local vet! He/she will advise you on worming and Flea treatments and other issues! Do as much research as possible before you buy and above all enjoy your dog!

    Source(s): I meet lots of breeds and only met one CKC I didn't like but THAT was the owners fault not the dogs!
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    Honestly, an untrained dog can be a real pain - a risk to himself, his owner and to other people and animals. Owning an undisciplined dog may result to:

    - Destruction to your home

    - Social isolation

    - Accidents

    - Injuries

    - Legal claims against you

    - Stress to all concerned

    - The dog being unwanted

    Canines that always get their own way will believe that life revolves around them and for that reason they must be important. Since dogs are looking for controlling different resources than humans, their bid for power usually goes undetected until it’s too late. Obedience and house training your dog and ensuring he’s not raised to a top position inside the home will keep your relationship with him well-balanced in your favor, as it must be for satisfaction all round.

    If you want a free copy of my dog training ebook "how to housetrain any dog" just send me an email at

    I'll send you immediately the ebook (100% free) and some tips on how to live better with your dog.

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    A well-trained dog makes everyone happy, including his owner. Take a little time training him, and you'll never regret it; you'll always have an obedient dog by your side. Find more

    By their nature, dogs are pack animals with a well-defined social order. Through basic training, you need to consistently make sure your puppy understands that you are the leader, not him. So in teaching him the basic rules, you take on the role of pack leader.

    To fit into the family circle, your dog must be taught to recognize his name and such commands as come, heel, lie down and sit.

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    You will ABSOLUTELY love having a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!!!

    We have two, and they are THE most loving, faithful, intelligent dogs you can get!

    We have trained our two very well and the book we used was:

    Cavilier King Charles Spaniels: Everything About Purchasing, Care, Nutrition, Behavior and Training (A Complete Pet Owner's Manual).

    If you go on ebay or amazon you should be able to pick it up quite cheaply!

    Hope this helps!!

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    All dog owners want their dogs to be well trained. Yet, for many, the art of training a dog seems to be filled with mystery.

    Training your dog need not be either difficult nor time consuming. The secret is to follow a well structured course and approach each lesson logically and methodically.

    Training Broadsheets

    Training Broadsheets were first published specifically for the owners of gundog breeds such as Labrador Retrievers and English Springer Spaniels.

    However the basic obedience training lessons apply equally to all breeds of dogs and the Training Broadsheets are the ideal training course for the owners of all breeds of dogs. Whether your dog is a family pet or a working breed, this easy-to-follow structured training course is, by far, the best training aid you will ever find.

    A well trained dog is a happy dog. A well trained dog is a safe dog. Even if your dog is only a family pet, it will have a much more satisfying life if it is under your control.

    A well trained dog will not run away. A well trained dog does not need to be shouted at.

    So you owe it to your dog to train it to the best of your ability. You also owe it to yourself. A well trained dog does not embarrass its owner or cause stress in the household. A well trained dog is much more FUN to own.

    Use the Training Broadsheets to train your dog. Send for them today.

    From "On Call" by John Trickett

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    Training Broadsheets by E-mail

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    Have a ckc puppy, very easy going and responsive, is this your 1st dog????

    repetition is the key to training, with treats or a clicker, but you have to be consistant and set aside time to train, maybe a half hour a day, before feeds, and make it fun.

    Also feed dry food only, cans no good, get vaccinated, kennel cough vacc, microchip, pet insurance, licence, neutered from 6 mths male or female.

    Check with breeder to see if parents have good bloodline, no heart or ear probs,

    Best of luck.

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