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What would be a good cake for this party?

My daughter would like to have "The Cat" as her theme for her 10th birthday. What would be a good cake to make to go with this theme? I like the one in the picture, but I don't know how to make that thick ribbon look with the icing.

This is the link to the supplies we are buying, just for reference. Any ideas would be so helpful!

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    Keep it simple, if you are not a pro in the cake decoration field... order the cake from Walmart or some local grocery store. They can pretty much print any picture you want on the top of the cake. Take in a picture of "The Cat" or maybe one her own cats and have them put it on top. It called a edible image and is totally edible. If you know of a good local cake supply shop, most can make the edible image and then you can make your own cake.

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    That is a very cute theme!

    Here's a link for the icing

    Here's a good cake to make!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!

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    bake two nine inch round cakes

    one is to stay as is ....round

    the second one you cut into three pieces...listen now cause it's hard to explain without pictures.....

    cut it like the stitches look on a should have two pieces that look like "cat eyes"

    the remaining piece should resemble a "bowtie" this is the piece in the middle of the "cat eyes"

    place the round layer cake on cookie sheet

    place the "bowtie" piece butt up against the round(bottom)

    Cut one "cat eye" in should resemble two cat ears!

    place each ear (top) up against the round

    now you should be seeing .

    a cat with a bowtie!!!!!


    decorate it as girlie as you like

    hope this gives you enough information

    I do this same thing for a bunny rabbit cake for Easter and I use dyed, shreded coconut to top!

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    Try this link......might be a little too much for you or your girl, but kind of funny none the less.

    The cat in the picture ~ try using a fruit by the foot around the outside for a ribbon look!

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    if there is a bakery in your grocery store, go there and ask them if they could make the cake your daughter wants.

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