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how do i find the screen resolution on my computer screen,?

im trying to find what the screen resolution is of my pc screen. its a dell screen, i brought it about 5yrs ogo. i have a model number,

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    Right click mouse keeping mouse pointer on desktop screen.Left click on properties(LAST OPTION).Display Properties screen in a box will open.U will find following tabs:Themes - Desktop - Screen Saver - Appearance - Setting.Click on setting.Under Display u will get ur monitor's name.Below it, it is screen resolution.On the sliding scale u can adjust the screen resolution.Bring it 2 best (say 1024 by 768 pixel).Next to it is Color quality.From drop down menu select 32 bit.Click on 'APPLY'.Then OK.

    I think ur problem will b solved.

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    Right click on the desktop

    Select properties

    Select the settings tab

    The current screen resolution is in the bottom left hand of the window, you can use the slider to change resolutions. Click apply after changing the slider, if you dont like it, then dont do anything and it will change back

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    1. Right click your main screen

    2. Go to Properties

    3. Click Settings

    Under 'Screen Resolution' you will see a slider with the details there!

    Good luck!

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    Right click on the desktop and you should see the way to change the resolution. It will indicate what the current setting is.

    My computer has a selection "display modes" with a check mark next to the current settings.

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    Right click on any desktop area then goto properities then the settings tab pn the top of the pop up dialoge box. It will tell you the screen resolution there.

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    You should set the automatic settings for your computer. It's probably in the properties and settings also. Or you should make sure it isn't re-setting itself - there might be a checkbox to make sure it isn't resetting itself when it goes idle... but I don't know where that is. It has to do with the sleep mode. Call your technician - usually the manufacturer has a hotline to call.

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    1. Right click

    2. Go to Properties

    3. Click Settings and view wht u got

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    Right click on your desktop, left click on properties,left click on settings, and you will see what your screen is set at

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    Try counting the pixels. This may take some time but if you are careful you should be fairly accurate.

    Hope this helps

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    right click your start screen click properties click settings

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