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The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter?

Has anyone read this book. How does Carter utilise the fantastic in this story and to what purpose?


I need to answer this question on the bloody chamber:

how and to what purpose does carter utilise the fantastic in her stories?

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    1 decade ago
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    I studied Carter's 'Wise Children' last year though I have never read 'The Bloody Chamber', which, I take it is a series of short stories parodying fary tales.

    In 'Wise Children', Carter employs the "fantastic" or magic realism. Magic realism is generally a feature of post-modern writings and is often utilised to create the effect of an unreliable and unbelievable narrator. It also serves to make the story being told seem quite vague. This fits in with what I understand about 'The Bloody Chamber', I believe Carter does not give the characters (or at least the protaganists) names; again, making the narative vague.

    All of this may be said to contrast with traditional fairy tales, where, although "magic" happens, it cannot be said to be magic-realism, I believe in Carters stories, the "magic" in used at the same time as we see everyday, modern objects such as phones.

    Sorry I'm a bit vague since I have'nt read the stories, but I hope this helps.

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