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Whats the best meal replacement shake for weight loss and muscle gain?

I plan on going on a liquids only diet to try and lose 60 to 70lbs in 13 months for my wedding. Just wondering what a good meal replacement shake is for fat loss and muscle gain.

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    I'm going to agree with Jimmy on the weight loss and muscle building being counterproductive. Muscle mass actually weighs more than fat does. This isn't to say though that you can't lose weight by gaining muscle. For every pound of muscle you gain your body will expend an additional 500 calories per week to maintain it. Thus if you were to gain 7 pounds of muscle, you would lose 1 pound each week (which is how fat mass would get burned off).

    But back to your question. In the Wal-Mart's in Canada there is a shake called Whey Gourmet which is a delicious protein shake that can be used as a meal replacement. It's low in calories, carbs, and fat, and high in protein, which is the essential thing needed for building muscle. Additionally it contains the amino acid Glutamine, which is essential to build muscle.

    If you cannot find Whey Gourmet at your local store and do not want to order it online, then I recommend you find a shake that contains Glutamine and isn't loaded with calories and/or carbs. I would also recommend trying out individual servings of a shake prior to purchasing. Many protein shakes these days (especially the cheapest ones) taste horrible. Whey Gourmet I know for certain comes in individual pouches and my favorites were the Vanilla, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Chocolate.

    Hope this gives you a start towards your goal!

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    Weight loss and muscle gain are SEPARATE goals. Anyone who tells you that you can do both at the same time does not understand how the body builds muscle.

    First build muscle by consuming a large amount of calories and protein. Then, go on a cutting diet to lose any fat gained. This is how bodybuilders do it.

    This shake has 2 purposes. If you eat it in addition to your meals, it will help you gain weight. If you it it instead of your meals, it will help you lose weight.

    8oz milk

    1 package Carnation Instant Breakfast

    1-2 tablespoons peanut butter

    1 banana

    (optional: 1 scoop whey protein)

    I am on a muscle building diet and I drink one of these 2-3 times a day in addition to 3 nutritious meals.

    Source(s): Power Eating, Dr. Susan Kleiner
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    Paleo Meal Replacement Shake

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    I can help you out. We have had people lose up to 160 pounds in 10 months so if you can follow the program it would be a cinch for you to lose the weight faster than 13 months. I lost 12 pounds in the first 9 days I did this. It is a nutritional body cleanse. It is way better than a liquid diet because you will not deprive your body of anything. It also includes organic whey protein shakes that are awesome for meal replacements. If you want more information go to www.gocleanse.com/drew

    I am a cleansing coach and can help you get your goal!

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