How do I start a discrimination case?

I'm in need of a wheelchair...I only have medicade...the loval med store is giving me the runaround since last year...I'm told because medacare is a slow payer this is why they are giving me so much trouble...and I weigh 500 lbs...I'm afraid if a fire brakes out here and my grandson is not here I'll be in serious trouble...I need help in knowing what to do.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If Medicaid says you are entitled to a wheelchair and the vendor is an approved medicare supplier, they can't turn you down. Collecting from Medicaid, or any other insurer, is their problem, not yours.

    If they don't comply with Medicaid's rules, threaten to report them to Medicaid and to your local or state health agencies.

    What the vendors is doing is discrimination and there may be a cause of action there somewhere. But finding an attorney to take the case is going to be tough unless you are wealthy, in which case you would not be on medicare.

    Send registered letters to the vendor. Keep good records of your requests and the vendors responses or lack of response.

    Once you have a documented written history of their conduct, you might want to send the documents to your local congressperson.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm hard-pressed to find discrimination here. It looks like the store is waiting for an OK from Medicaid and assurance that they will pay for it. That is not discrimination - that is good business.

    Why don't you assist them by contacting your Medicaid caseworker (yes, you have one) and let him/her facilitate things for you.

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    1 decade ago

    500 lbs.

    God forbid, If anything happens to you.

    Who is really to blame.?

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