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aliens are they real or just a myth?

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    Some would say they are real others would say they are a myth

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    It's almost inconceivable that other civilisations don't exist in the universe: it's just too big for life to happen only once. There may well be other technological civilisations in this galaxy alone.

    But for them to have come *here* is another kettle of fish entirely. All of the stories, anecdotes and legends of visiting aliens are entirely consistent with human foibles, delusions and even planned fakery. If aliens had come here, and for some reason waned to stay out of sight, why on earth would they constantly fly around in brightly-lit saucers that anyone could see? If they're so coy, why not turn the lights out?

    How would they find us? We've been sending out radio signals for less than a century now. A really large radio telescope aimed at us from far away could conceivably pick some of those signals up, but only within a 70 light-year radius at most. That's a puny volume of space, and the chance of another civilisation lying within that volume is very small indeed. Outside of that volume, we're invisible: just a small star out on the galactic suburbs.

    How would they get here? With all the talk in fiction of hyperspace and wormholes, the only way we currently know of getting from place to place is slowly. Even with unlimited energy, it seems that there *is* no higher velocity than light-speed. Maybe that will change one day, but even then the distances between civilisations in a single galaxy are unspeakably huge. Even multi-lightspeed spaceships would take many decades to cross them. This may be a short-sighted objection, but right now it looks as though zipping across the galaxy is just a dream, regardless of technology.

    Why would they come? Don't forget that although *we* are curious animals that like to go and see and feel things we're interested in, that doesn't have to be the case with all intelligences. Even if, hypothetically, they existed, and knew we were here, and could travel the distance, they might not have any motivation to do so.

    Why now? This planet has been around for billions of years, but we've only been even vaguely contactable for a few thousand years. If this is typical of emerging technological civilisations, it would have to be a giant fluke that another, astronomically nearby civilisation would be awake and listening at the same time. There's a good chance that civilisations like ours don't last very long before they either wipe themselves out or go on to something else.

    The biggest disappointment so far has been that when we turned out own radio telescopes toward the sky, we didn't discover huge amounts of interstellar chatter. This probably means there isn't any. Or they may be too far away. Or they're using something other than electromagnetic signalling. Maybe one day we'll discover a better communication medium, and find that those airwaves are buzzing with noise. Who knows?

    But overall, our most feasible chance of communication with other life in the universe is via signals, not spaceships. It seems terribly unfair and unsatisfactory, but the universe is not built for our benefit.


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    Until now, there is no evidence that shows aliens exist. But the world is a big place. We all don't know what is going on outside the earth. Humans have made an incredible amount of research and yet there is still a lot we have not discovered. Who knows, maybe they do exist. But until we found out, let's don't waste our time thinking that they exist or not and watch the movie, 'Alien vs Predator'. :)

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    Definitely real. Think about space - it is INFINITELY big - it supposedly doesn't end.

    If the universe really is infinite then the odds are that there are infinite different types of lifeforms. If you can imagine an alien of any size, shape or form then chances are that it's out there somewhere...

    Some alien life has come to earth but probably nothing like the little grey men in movies. I think mostly in the forms of moss and fungi that survived entering our atmosphere.

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    We're just a myth. If more people could get this into their heads, we could get on with things without worrying about winding up splashed all over the press.

    By the way, before anyone starts, David Hasselhoff is NOT one of us. I know it's hard to believe, but we've had a good look and, as far as any of us can tell, he is definitely human.

    Errr.. when I say "us", what I mean is that he's errr... you know. Not errr... German.

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    This has long since been one of my 'fantasy' ideas about disproving that there is or ever was a God, but it cant be done!

    My idea was based on the theory that 'aliens' did make them selves known, and as a far Superior race proclaimed that there never was a God, they could prove it beyond all doubt!!!

    It wouldn't work out, believers would still believe!

    No one can answer your question, but if it helps, I am much more inclined to believe they do exist than I am to believe that we have a God!

    Logically and mathematically it makes much more senser!

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    There may be other life forms on other planets.On their own planet they're not Aliens.If they are here they're Aliens.There is no real evidence of Aliens on Earth.With half the world carrying cameras and video.The fact that there is no proof or even good solid evidence.leads me to believe there are no Aliens.

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    Gotta to be real, we cant be the only planet with life. Probably never find out though as they will be trillions of light years away. Wouldnt mind been a pound behind the person who discovers the truth... How can anyone prove there isnt unless they go to the end of space to check - Exactly!

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    With the now millions of cameras in the form of mobile phones now in common use, you'd think that someone by now would have got a photograph of one of these aliens - even if it is a bit jerky and blurred.

    Don't tell me - all those happy slappers out there are the aliens?

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    An alien is classed as any life form not from this planet.

    We have already found bacteria on other planets, therefore Aliens are real.

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