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How can I keep ticks off me?

I love going into a small, wooded, area with my dog, but now that it's getting warm outside again the ticks are coming back. How can I keep the ticks off of me?

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    Bug spray helps some with ticks but not as well as you'd like. The best thing to do is to tuck your jeans into your socks, and your shirt into your jeans. Also wear a hat because ticks can be high up on brush that touches your head and they can drop onto you. The most important thing is check very well when you get home, and have someone check your back. I've been working and "playing" in the outdoors my entire life, and probably have only gotten five ticks. Take these precautions and check when you get home and you should be fine.

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    Even though it's getting warmer, when you are going into the woods, where jeans, pull your socks up over your pant legs, so that no ticks can get in under your pant legs. And, if you can stand the heat, a long sleeved shirt is recommended. That way your skin is completely covered and if the ticks do attempt to bite you, they will have another layer to work their way through and you'll probably notice them on you, before they are able to penetrate to the skin.

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    OOff bugspray is the best as mentione a few times, along with this wear a high healed hiking boot...perferably 8 to 10" and tuck (blouse) your pantlegs into the boots, wear loose fitting longsleaved shirts with the cuffs fastend as tight as posable. and lastly tuck hair up inside of a ball cap that fits snuggly.

    every couple of hours still check your body for ticks, but the OFF should keep em away. I used to live in a tick infested countryside and have only had three ticks on me and only one embeded. all three times i was not using OFF

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    I'd go with the DEET suggestion. However, be careful of what you touch after you apply it. It will eat (as in soften and or dis torte) some plastic surfaces and paint as well as some fabrics. Like you've probably read on other products. Test on an inconspicuous area. I've used it a lot, and it beats all the other products out there hands down. I wouldn't recommend using it on your dog. He may lick it off and this wouldn't be too good.

    Hope this helped.

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    don't go in the woods either that try putting bugspray on or wair long clothing to protect your body and when you get home you can change.

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    OFF! bug spray keeps bugs away from you.. spray it on any exposed body parts and it will repel them

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    wear boots and spray before going out.

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    any spray with DEET in it ...otherwise use kerosene...the military has used it for so soft from avon is a real winner as well...good luck and thanks for asking

    Source(s): 21 years us army rangers
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