UK car insurance: does reporting an accident where neither side claims affect your No Claims Bonus?

I insure my car with Admiral insurance in the UK. Recently I was involved in a very minor accident, for which I do not intend to claim. It is not clear whether the other party will claim from their insurance or not. If I report the accident to my insurer, even if neither side actually puts in a claim pertaining to the accident, will this be considered as a claim for working out my No Claims Bonus next year?

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    1 decade ago
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    I had a similar situation a few months ago. Someone clipped my back bumper, no major damage, and no injuries (thankfully). She was humming and hawing about whether she should put it through her insurance.

    What I did was to straight away report the incident to my local garda station, just to have the incident on record, and I phoned my insurance company the following day. I didn't give my name, just made the specific enquiry - did I have to officially inform them of an incident in which I had no liability and no claim in. They told me I didn't, so I didn't officially inform them of anything!

    The best thing always is to get any minor incident on record in your local police station - that way, you have some recourse if the other party decides to change their story - that happened once to a friend of mine, who ended up getting completely scr*wed by the other party.

    Good luck.

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    If you report it and come to renew before the other party has sent you a no claim letter, then they may well remove your bonus until it's sorted. If you don't report it and the other party claims, then you're on your own, and may be penalised next renewal anyway. The small print says you must report any damage incident even if you don't expect to claim.

  • nosdda
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    If you and the other party make no claim on your Insurance, then you keep your No Claims. You don't even have to tell your insurers about the accident, but if you do, just tell them that it was knock for knock.

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    If nobody makes a claim to your insurance, there is now reason for your no claims bonus to be affected. But if no one is making a claim surely there is not a reason to inform your insurance company. It is not dishonest, it is normal to only call your insurer that there is going to be a claim.

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    If they are not protected I wouldn't bother. I have 3 years and I have my 4 years to protect them in June. If I had the same situation as you there is no way I would tell my insurance company and lose 3 years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You wont lose your no claims bonus per se but they ask about any accidents you had in the last 3 years so it would undoubtibly effects you premiums

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    it would count against your protected no claim discount if you advise your insurer

    if you do not have protected ncd

    if your insurance company doesnt pay out an monies there is no claim so no loss of ncd

    if they pay out and recover monies from other part's insurer if you had your ncd taken away it would be restored

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes it does but to be honest why report it? If they do then answer the claim but do not preempt it.

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