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how many miles from england to tenerife?

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    Since there are 14 airports in England that has commercial non-stop services to Tenerife South airport (TFS) and London Gatwick also has non-stop flight to Tenerife North airport (TFN). All the distances are great circle distances calculated from a website called the Great Circle Mapper.

    (Birmingham / BHX - Tenerife South / TFS) - 1,849 miles

    (Blackpool / BLK - TFS) - 1,904 miles

    (Bournemouth / BOH - TFS) - 1,748 miles

    (Bristol / BRS - TFS) - 1,764 miles

    (Doncaster Sheffield / DSA - TFS) - 1,926 miles

    (Durham Tees Valley / MME - TFS) - 1,979 miles

    (East Midlands / EMA - TFS) - 1,881 miles

    (Leeds Bradford / LBA - TFS) - 1,936 miles

    (Liverpool / LPL - TFS) - 1,880 miles

    (London Luton / LTN - TFS) - 1,846 miles

    (London Gatwick / LGW - TFS) - 1,809 miles

    (London Gatwick / LGW - Tenerife North / TFN) - 1,775 miles

    (London Stansted / STN - TFS) - 1,861 miles

    (Manchester / MAN - TFS) - 1,893 miles

    (Newcastle / NCL - TFS) - 2,007 miles

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    London To Tenerife South

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    Between London Gatwick and Tenerife there are 1819 miles x

    Source(s): www.world-airport-codes.com
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    four hour flight from england to tenerife. The distance between Tenerife, Colombia and London, England is 5034.0 miles(8102.0 km).

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    I'm not sure exactly how many miles between the two. All I know is that it took me roughly four hours by plane between Gatwick and the northern part of the island.

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