What are some phrases and words in the Romani language (gypsy)?

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    Opre Rroma is always a good one. "Rise Rroma"

    Lacho Dives... "g'day"

    Nais tuke... "thankyou"

    Muro amal (or amalin)... "my friend"

    Tchiro amal (or amalin)... "your friend"

    Baxt hai sastimos tiri patragi.. "good luck and health"... a general, all around blessing.

    Le sama pala tute... "take care of yourself."

    Chapite!... "it is true!"

    Sar san tu?... "how are you?"

    Hush Kacker Gadje!... "shut up and listen Gadje!" is always useful.

    Dinlo... "stupid or foolish". I would direct that one to the first person to reply to this question.

    Sastipe... "good health" is an all around farewell with good intentions.

    Gadje Gadjensa, Rom Romensa... "Gadje with Gadje, Rrom with Rrom"

    Rom: "man", Romni: "woman" or "wife"

    I like this for some reason: Mo dir Devel si kushko, t'a nai o Beng basavo kek odolen kai kamela. That means: "God is good, and the Devil is not so bad to those whom he likes."

    There are a few.

    Baxtalo ;)

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    Romany Language

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    What are some phrases and words in the Romani language (gypsy)?

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    Gypsy Words

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