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does anyone use christian prayer beads?

i mean non-anglicans... like baptists, or methodists, or episcopalians, etc., etc... I researched a bit on the internet and read that it is a form of devotion and meditation... most people say the "Jesus Prayer" in time w/their breath... anyway if u have used them do u feel they are beneficial 2 u as a Christian? Also where can i get some?


are episcopalians & anglicans the same?... i dunno much about denominations i'm new 2 this christian thing hehe

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    The Rosary is a traditional Catholic prayer said on seemingly innocent looking beads but has the power to appease God's justice, work miracles, bring peace, stop wars and change world events. The devil hates this prayer because he hates the Virgin who brought forth Our Saviour. This is a prayer we say with Our Heavenly Mother and direct it to God. In her company our prayers gain great value in the eyes of God. This humble prayer is rightly called the 'Scourge of Satan'.

    At Fatima, Our Lady asked us to recite the following prayer after each decade of the Rosary: “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fire of hell, lead all souls to Heaven, especially those who have most need of Thy mercy.”

    Let me give you a couple true Rosary miracles that have taken place ( just two of the millions of miracles taking place today and have taken place in past years via the Rosary).

    LEPANTO 1571

    A few centuries ago, the Turks were over-running all Europe and seemed on the verge of wiping out Christianity. When all seemed lost, Pope St. Pius V organized a Rosary Crusade. He asked Catholics everywhere to pray the Rosary to ask Our Lady to deliver them from imminent disaster. When the day of the great battle arrived, the Christian soldiers literally went into battle with swords in one hand and Rosaries in the other. Thus on October 7th, the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary, one of the greatest military upsets in all history took place at Lepanto. The little Christian fleet, very greatly outnumbered, defeated the mighty Turkish Armada and Christianity was saved — all through the power of the Rosary.

    HIROSHIMA 1945

    The Rectory of the Assumption of Our Lady Church in Hiroshima was left standing on August 6, 1945 after the atomic bomb killed 200,000 people in the city. The church next door to the rectory was completely demolished by the atomic blast. There was nothing left standing on the street outside. There was in fact no street outside. All that too was completely destroyed. Only the rectory stood amidst the surrounding rubble and four Catholic priests inside survived the first atomic blast. It was because they were living the Message of Our Lady of Fatima that they were saved from certain death. Indeed Our Lady and Her Rosary are more powerful than even the atomic bomb.

    Please ask a Catholic friend to teach you a proper way to say the Rosary and ignore the ones who will try their level best to stop you from saying this beautiful prayer.

    Source(s): Miracles of the Rosary taken from
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    I cannot answer this as you have separated Episcopalians from Anglicans, which is just not possible. However, I do use the Anglican Rosary and an Russian Orthodox prayer ropes.

    They can be found on-line. Google "Anglican Rosary," for example.

    Source(s): Personal experience, as asked.
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    You mean like rosaries. They're used by many Catholics and some Anglicans. Is really an option if you want to use and you think it will help you more spiritually. Is not about whether it will make your prayers more assertive or if Jesus wil hear them but if makes you happy then you should do it. I use it in some case and I think it helps. It makes think and actually think about the bible and death and what Jesus did for you. I nearly cried to be honest and it helps you mentally.

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    Maybe You mean the rosary. Yes, Catholics use or pray the rosary. They are beads. The rosary is a bible prayer. With the help of the beads, Catholics meditate on the life, death and resurrection of Christ. You can get rosaries from Catholic bookstores. The rosary is a form of devotion and meditaion. They are beneficial to me as a Christian. The rosary is the chain that will bind satan. The rosary is a powerful tool against the devil. It is a prayer to God asking for the intercession of Mary. Devotion to Mary helps us in all our needs. She helps us pray for our necessities. She asks God to help us against temptations. In Fatima, Mary asked the children and everyone to pray the rosary everyday. It helps us get to know the life of Jesus more. It helps us imitate the values of Jesus and Mary. It is a tradition. It is the secret to world peace. If we pray the rosary, God will send peace to the world. The rosary also obtains pardon for sins and can help in conversions. It also helps one become more apostolic. Devotion to Mary helps one to reach heaven. The scapular and the rosary are the means to be used by God to save the world.

    Source(s): Popular Christian devotions, The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louie Marie de Montfort. The Secret of Mary. The Secret of Fatima. EWTN, Catholic Catechism.
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    "About 500 years before Christ, people tied knots in strings. Primitive forms of prayer beads were made of fruit pits, dried berries, pieces of bone, and hardened clay. The wealthy used precious stones and jewels."

    An ancient practice...



    Ten is also the ancient symbol of perfection of the divine order of God. (e.g. Ten Commandments).

    The word 'bead' comes from the Anglo-Saxon root word, ‘bede’ and it means ‘prayer.’

    'Bidden’ means ‘to pray’."

    Source(s): Say your prayers every morning and evening for the sake of this old world and all who dwell upon her. Thank you
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    You can get them at any Catholic bookstore. Others use them, but not many Christian fundamentalist denominations. These consider them a form of idolatry. Some folks just forget that tools for meditation can bring one closer to God.

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    No beads required Just believe that Jesus hears your prayers.

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    Christian prayer beads? What's that?

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    I don't need prayer beads. I talk directly to Jesus.

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    When I pray it is from my heart to the Father in Jesus name.<><

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