How do I make a wiki style site?

Where people can edit it and add stuff.

Because, wikipedia is almost IDENTICAL to wiktionary, and conservapedia, and wikileaks.

How do I make one?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Pick some Wiki software. MediaWiki is the package used by WikiPedia, but there are lots of options out there and different packages are better for different people (I tend towards Kwiki myself).

    Then check the system requirements (e.g. Mediawiki needs PHP 5.0 or newer and one of its supported Database servers).

    Next up, you need web hosting that meets the system requirements of the software. If you already have web hosting, then you should probably check out what features it provides and then pick the wiki software based on that rather than the other way around.

    Then follow the installation instructions for the wiki software. If you run into problems, then you can probably get support from the software authors / community / vendor.

    You could also consider getting web hosting that comes with wiki software. A search finds quite a few options including:

    Once you are up and running, be prepared to police the changes that people make. Spammers love to put links to their sites on other people's wikis to boost their PageRank in search engines.

  • 1 decade ago

    Just use mediawiki!

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