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Linda J asked in TravelGermanyBerlin · 1 decade ago

I am going to Berlin for the 1st time for 4 days tomorrow, any ideas of what to do and what not to do????


come on you lot !! wheres all your ideas ? I am going in the morning, surprise trip no time to research and plan.............

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There is soooooooo much to see and do in Berlin!

    You should really go on a tour of the city to start with. There are many walking tours, one I'd recommend is the New Berlin Tour, it sets off everyday from outside Starbucks at the Brandenberg Gate, I think they start at 11am, 1pm and 4pm. The tour itself is free, although the guides work on a commission basis so of course they'd expect to to make a donation. The guides are really worth it any way and you'll find out and discover loads by just doing the tour. You get to see Checkpoint Charlie, the Jewish memorial, Hitler's bunkers, where the Nazi book burning ceremony was, one of the only remaining parts of the Berlin Wall and loads more!

    If you want to do some shopping head down to the Ku'dam. You could get a train to Zoologischer Garden in the centre (it's also where the Berlin Zoo is) and walk down the Ku'dam. There's loads to see along the way too (like the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche) and you should visit the KaDeWe (Wittenbergplatz Ubahn station)! It's the largest department store in Europe and the food hall which is on the top floor is absolutely amazing!

    What you could also do is take the bus along the way (line 100 and 200, it's a bight yellow double decker), if you get a ticket for the Berlin transport network (there's a large variety including welcome cards (48 and 72 hrs, it includes all transports, Ubahn, Sbahn, trams and buses) which give you discounts at lots of the city's attractions) you get to see the sights without paying extra for a rip-off bus tour!

    I'd also recommend going to Schloss Charlottenburg as it's a lovely castle with lovely grounds. Incidently is not at the U bahn stop (metro stop) Charlottenburg, you need to get the U bahn (line 2 although may be line 12 as there has been repair work going on with that line for a while) to Sophie Charlotte-Platz and it's 10mins walk from there.

    You can go to the top of the Fernsehturm (television tower) at Alexanderplatz, it's a great view over the city and a must for any visitor! You can even have a meal or snack up there in the revolving cafe! Go before sunset and capture views of the city both in daylight and when the city lights up, it's amazing!

    Finally I would go to the Reichstag (around Unter den Linden and Potsdamer Platz), get train to the station Unter den Linden. You'll see the Reichstag from the Brandenburg Gate as well as the Tier Garten (not much happens there this time of year though). You can go to the top of the Reichstag (which is in the shape of a dome) for free and get a great view of the city, although be warned the queue can get quite long so get there early!

    Hackischer Markt, which is close to Alexanderplatz is a great area too, there's a lovely Italian restaurant on the corner nr the station there, it's opposite the Berliner Sparkasse bank, you can't miss it! You'll have a great time there on a night out too but avoid the bar right next to the station, they charge a fortune for drinks, think it was something like 15 for a beer! Go to the Europa Centre where there's an Irish bar (just incase you fancy something familiar!). They usually have live bands on there every night and you're likely to bump in2 British people who may be able to recommend any events thats are currently going on in the city.

    Other than that there's not much more to say if you're just going for 4 days although get yourself to Friedrichstrasse too, it's very modern and has some great shops...

    You really can not go to Berlin and not try a Berliner Kindl, Berliner Pilsner or a Schultheiss, they're the beers made in the region. I'd recommend trying a Berliner Weisse. There are only available in Berlin which I guess makes sense. It's beer with a shot of syrup, either Raspberry (Himbeere) or Waldmeister (woodruff), go for the Himbeere, it's georgeous!

    Also try a curry wurst. It's a snack which originates from Berlin and is a sausage in a tomatoey/curry sauce. I didn't like the sound of it before I tried it but it's delicious!

    Anyway, hope I've been of some help! Viel Spass! :-)

    Oh, btw, get yourself a tourist pass if your planning to take the train and underground while you're there, it's dirt cheap and really frequent! You can get the tickets from the airport and don't worry about getting change, you can use notes and it'll give you the change! English people always used to be runnign round trying to get change for the machine whenever I was there but there's no need! Oh, and the machine can be put in2 English so no need to worry about understanding the German if you don't speak it! If you have time have a look at this website, the BVG, it's the company who run the public transport in Berlin and you can get a map of the networks etc.

    Oh, I've just thought, don't miss the Berliner Dom, not that you can! You can get the trains and buses to Alexanderplatz and walk round to the Dom (cathedral). It's not a long walk and you'll get to see a far bit of the city. Basically, if you keep walking past the Dom and towards the museums you end up at Unter den Linden where the Brandenburg Gate is.

    Source(s): I lived and worked in Berlin for 2 years, only recently moved back to England
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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Berlin offers an contemporary mixture of new and basic structure, dynamic amusement, buying, and a wide variety of sports and national institutions and if you wish to see after that it that hotelbye is the place to start. A number of the things you can see listed below are: the Old Museum, the National Gallery, the Bode Museum, Old National Gallery or, the symbol of Germany, the Berlin Wall. That wall started his life in 1961 when East Germany covered off the western the main city to stem the flood of refugees from east to west. By enough time it absolutely was split down in 1989, the 4 meter high wall and 155 kilometres extended, dissected 55 roads, and possessed 293 remark towers and 57 bunkers. Nowadays, just little extends of this graffiti-covered travesty remain, including a 1.4-kilometer expand maintained as part of the Berlin Wall Memorial, a cooling note of the animosity that after split Europe.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Take in the Berlin Wall and all its border crossings,climb to the top of the parliament building view the whole of Berlin from its glass dome(It costs nothing).

    While it may be tempting to jump on a tour bus don't, use the local public transport its a lot cheaper and even if your German language is not very good Berlin is a very cosmopolitan city where many people speak English.

    Only one word of warning there are problems with crime in some areas of Berlin so be a little wary by night,but don't let it ruin your time there as it is really no worse than any other major city.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sweeeeet. That's my birthplace. Haven't been back there for 3 years now, but I'm going there this summer.

    First of: Food!!! and lot's of it.

    American food is nothing compared to German food.

    And we also have a lot of Middle Eastern influence, so you will have a variety of Turkish and Arab cusine.

    My suggestions that you have to try: Candy (soooo much chocolate, sweet and creamy); "Pommes mit Currywurst-mit darm" (these are french fries with a special kind of sausage); Doener Kebab (the ultimate Turkish delight); Turkish pizza; cakes and other baked goodies.

    Must sees: the eastern part of Berlin (they have done so much reconstruction there that it almost looks better than the western part) There will be a lot of things to visit and see in the eastern part. For one big thing you will still find a piece of the wall left at "Potsdamer Platz" and also visit the Sonycentre. They have a lot of museums and you will find out a lot about World War II. They also have a lot of clubs throughout Berlin. (Germans love Techno music)

    See the Reichstag and the Brandenburger Tor (you have to). Take lot of pictures. At the Reichstag admission is free, and since it's not the summer time, there will probably not be a line. The one time I went, it took me an hour to get in there.

    I mean, it's nothing THAT great to take a look inside, but at least you can say then "I have been to the Reichstag." The architect is pretty magnificent.

    -Also visit the "Fernsehturm" at "Alexanderplatz" (train station). You will have a very nice view from there over all of Berlin.

    -Also, just take a ride with the subway. You will be amazed at how punctial they are (I mean to the minute) And the new trains are very clean (nothing compared to the aweful New York City trains.

    Now this is a big NO DO: Don't tell anybody (in case if you are) that you support Bush. No, no. Most of Europe don't like him at all. Because then you will only make enemies.

    Though, they will probably most definately ask you what you think about the whole Iraq war and Bush and Afghanistan and blah, blah, blah. (They are very much aware of what goes on in the world and especially with the American government.)

    Anyway, it's late, and I'm tired so I have to stop.

    I haven't been there in quite a long time, so I'm definately looking forward to myself in visiting that wonderful city again.

    The nice thing about Berlin is that you have very busy and toursit-filled parts, but also quiet areas where you can get away for a bit and relax.

    And just a short note in closing: Germans are obviously different from Americans, so you will see that most of them are usually reserved and are not as open as Americans. Germans are also not considered a very "friendly" people, but quite rude at times. So, in case you will hear a bus driver giving you a rude remark or when you ask for directions from a stranger and they appear a little cold, it's nothing against you, that's how many Berliners just are. Since the unemployment rate is so high there, I wouldn't be smiling all the time either. But in general, Germans are very curious about Americans and tell you that they always dreamed of visiting that magnificent country which they heard so much about.

    Have fun and don't drink too much!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi. I go to Berlin every year for 3 or 4 days and love it. Ignore the ignorant rantings of some of your answerers. They know not of that which they spout. Four days is not enough. You Vill Vant to return (By Order!!).

    To start with I recommend that you buy a "72 hour Welcome Card". It's their equivalent of a London Travelcard and allows travel on busses, U & S Bahn and trams.

    A good introduction is to sit on the top deck of a bus 100 from the Zoologisher Garten (the Zoo bus station) with your city guide book. This bus route takes you past many of the tourst sights that you may want to go back to. Get off at Alexanderplatz.

    You will see the televsion tower (fernzehturm) near Alexanderplatz. It costs about 10euro to go up but the view from the revolving restaurant will orient you very well.

    The site of Hitler's bunker is now covered by a Holocaust Memorial that looks like a maze of black slabs. (actually it is a lot of black slabs). It's near Potsdammer Platz. Visit it by all means but don't stand on them.

    Visit the Reichstag (near the Brandenburg Gate) at early evening or dusk if you can. The view from the dome is stunning. It's free but you have to go through airport type security and the queue can be quite long. Allow at least 2 hour overall for this visit.

    Take the U6 from Friedrichstrasse S BahnHof to Zinnowitzerstrasse and then walk about 200 metres down Invalidenstrasse and you will find the Natural History Museum. It's very good (a bit smaller than London) and is currently rebuilding it's Brachiosaurus skeleton. (a very good friend of mine works there so I will recommend that you visit the place).

    Friedrichstrasse itself is a great street to walk down. It, and the side streets off it, has fabulous shopping and good eating. It runs for about 1.5 km south from the S-BahnHof. At the end you will come across Checkpoint Charlie. This is a bit of an anti-climax now but it was famous in the 1960's as the place where world war 3 nearly started.

    Take a train to Treptower Park. If the weather is dry you'll have a splendid walk and visit the Soviet War Memorial. I won't try to describe it - suffice it to say that it's more impressive than any war memorial that you may have seen in the UK.

    DO try to eat at a local restaurant. Most Berlin German dining is in pubs rather than 'high street' restaurants, which tend to serve 'foreign' food.

    DO NOT waste your time and money on burger chains and suchlike. You can get McDonald's type muck anywhere.

    DO drink Berliner Kindle. It's one of dozens of local brews and you'll probably like it.

    You should visit the KaDeVe shop. It's a bit like their version of Harrods and a KaDeVe shopping bag is a bit of a prize. The top floor of that place has the most amazing food court. Especially if you like chocolate.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Take a walk from Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburg Tur (Brandenburg Gate) vie Unter den Linden (Under the trees). It is a tree-lined street and you'll see many famous places along the way i.e. Berliner Dom, Librarie, etc...

    Whether you're a beer drinker or not, you have to sample a good German bier (they're all good!

    If you know any German, use it. If they see you're having trouble, they may offer to switch to English. But if you start out using English, they may get PO'd and act like they don't speak English. They appreciate people trying to speak their language.

    Either way, you're sure to have a great time and take lots of pics!

    In the words of Napoleon Dyanmite: "Gosh. Lucky!"

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As most museums are closed mondays (an exception is the Deutsche Guggenheim collection of contemporary art at Unter den Linden, which is free mondays, ), just walk a bit through the city to get a feeling for Berlin.

    Berlin is divided into many centers,so it's a bit hard to orientate at first. The main centers are in the districts Charlottenburg (west, main station there is "Zoologischer Garten") and Berlin-Mitte (east, main station there is Friedrichstraße).

    They built a new main train station (hauptbahnhof) for the whole city between these two, but there is no real center, as it is kind of artificial.

    You have to visit the new government quarter, which is located near the new Hauptbahnhof just behind the river spree. Great modern architecture (in my eyes) and there is also the Reichstag where you can walk up to the glass dome for free (just have to wait as there is a queue normally).

    Not far away is the Brandenburg gate, it's also the beginning of one of the main streets in Berlin (Unter den Linden). On the other side there is the big city park, called tiergarten (not that interesting in winter).

    Another new central part is "potsdamer platz" (located a bit south of the Brandenburg gate), which was built ten years ago as a new city quarter, modern architecture, lots of bars and restaurants and so on, but it's not cheap there.

    Friedrichstrasse is the new shopping street in east Berlin, also some nice and not very nice modern architecture.

    Great for shopping and just strolling around is the area north of the station Hackescher Markt! Just go where the masses are going ;)

    The nicest streets there are Oranienburger Strasse, Neue Schönhauser Strasse, Alte Schönhauser Strasse, Sophienstrasse and Grosse Hamburger Strasse.

    Nikolaiviertel (located east of Unter den Linden, you may notice it because of a church with two spiky towers) is the historical heart of Berlin, but was destroyed in WWII and was built as some kind of fake historical architecture in eastern germany in the 80s. Next to it is the red townhall of Berlin and the TV tower of course.

    In the evening go to one of the bars near hackescher Markt or around the station Eberswalder Straße (in the district prenzlauer Berg).

    Next three days visit some museums with a special three day ticket which is only 16 euro (or so) for normal people and 7,50 euro for students and scholars - you have unlimited access to over 50 museums with this card. Best museums are located at museums island (next to Unter den Linden and the Berlin cathedral) and near potsdamer Platz (ask for Neue Nationalgalerie and Gemäldegalerie for example) and Kreuzberg (Jewish museum and Berlinische Galerie).

    Some other nice areas: Oranienstrasse and Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg, Simon-Dach-Str. in Friedrichshain (Bars, Restaurants), Pariser Str. in Wilmersdorf, Savignyplatz in Charlottenburg.

    a good city map: where you can enter the name of the desired street on the top.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have not been to Berlin for a long time now. But what I remember doing while there were all culturally enriching: going to the museums, to the theaters, to concerts held either in old castles or in churches, historical places and war memorials. I love the Pergamon Museum the most. It is in the eastern side of Berlin. I have been to hundreds of museums in Europe, and the Pergamon Museum is still my personal choice as the best museum, even when compared with the "Louvre". Pergamon has a much lesser collection (in terms of number) than the great French Museum.

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  • cat
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    All the people talking about Hitler all that stuff, I really don't like it.

    Berlin is such a nice place, shopping, museums, cafes, restaurants, Brandenburger Tor. Take the site seeing bus and go round in Berlin. It is a big city and the 4 days is not enough.

    Enjoy your trip....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Consult your guide or the

    In any case, do not go to Charlie's point, it is just for tourists and Alexanderplatz (very grim and disappointing) - instead walk around the area Potsdamer Platz (great architecture), Branderburger Tor, Unter den Linden, Friedrichstrasse and if you are the type visit one the 100s museums (i.e. Pergamon, or Neue StaatGallerie or Bauhaus Archiv). Eating and drinking is cheap and Germans are very friendly and polite. And shopping can be exciting in Hackischer Markt (if this is spellt correctly).

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