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why does American Idol try to make the voters feel guilty if the vote didn't go the way the judge's decided?

I was watching American Idol last night and they started doing something I remember them doing last year. That is, making the voting audience feel guilty if they felt the wrong person was sent home based upon the judge's comments. First of all, I thought you could vote for anyone you wanted on the show. They're constantly all 'what's up with America?' if they feel as if the wrong person went home. The point of the show is for people to pick who they want to choose for. People have their own taste in music. Sure, sometimes the American audience doesn't pick based on who was the obvious best singer, but based on other thing. Idol's judges should be the last people complaining about that however. They rarely make comments about the singing talent of anyone. It's always about the way their dressed, their music selection, their on stage presence, etc. They need to stop saying they feel the American audience made the wrong decision just because the voters didn't agree with their decision.


I'm starting to hope that America will just pick someone different from who the judge's pick and really pi ss off the judge's. I think the judge's think their taste in music is what is correct and they really need to get off their high horse, along with that announcer guy too.

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    They want to pick a guy who will sell records. If a bunch of people vote for someone who is cute, or indian, or whatever, and kick a decent singer off, it ruins the show for them.

    AJ got kicked off when there were at least two worse singers than him amongst the men. If all the people who voted for Sanjeev are going to buy his record, fine. If every Indian who watched the show voted for him, then maybe his voice suits their taste. But if everyone just tried to support the first guy of their race to get to the voting portion of the show, the voters are going to ruin the result, and the show will turn into a joke.

    I'd be really upset if it turns out that people who didn't watch voted. It would be too much like a real election.

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    I used to love American Idol but after this season so far I think it may be my last. I think the judges where just shocked the same way I was. Lol I'm sorry if your a Sanjaya or Antonella fan but they should have been long gone I'm not saying I hate them or that they are not ok but that just it they are just OK the fact that AJ got sent home over Sanjaya is beyond me. I wish websites like "vote for the worst" would get lives and grow up if they don't like American Idol choice another channel there are alot to pick from >.<

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    I vote according to whom I think will put out a CD that I'll want to buy.

    Fantasia promised that she would put out an album for everyone, but she didn't. I love her voice, but not the songs she sings, so I did NOT buy her CD, neither one of them.

    If someone is the best singer but I think they'll put out a rap or hip hop or other album that I know I won't like, then I won't vote for them no matter how well they sing! Why would I?

    I think Chris Sligh has a great voice, and I think I'll like the CD he will put out, if he has anything to say about it. Sometimes the ones who don't win get to make more choices than the winner, who has to go along with whatever American Idol wants them to do, at least for a certain amount of time.

    I don't like the screamers. Singing out loudly is fitting in some songs, but I love soft ballads, which the judges reject. I love to have a cup of hot tea and listen to relaxing music when I'm feeling stressed. When I'm in the car, I like to play Rod Stewart (songbooks or older stuff, both are great), and I love to play "In the Air Tonight" really LOUD. My tastes are varied.

    So I wish the judges will just let the audience vote for whomever they want and stop badgering them over it.


    How the voting goes:

    Let's say there are 100 voters, to make it easier to explain.

    80 people like Ann the best, Betty second, Carol third, Dan last.

    17 people like Dan the best, Carol second, Ann third, and Betty last.

    2 people like Carol first, Dan second, Ann third, and Betty last.

    1 person likes Betty first, Ann second, Dan third, Carol last.

    So even though more people like Betty better than Dan, Dan got more votes, because we only vote for first place! So Betty gets kicked off the show! Only one vote for first place for her, even though 81 liked her better than Carol and Dan.

    So, this is how someone who's the second favorite of almost everyone can get kicked off, while someone that more people don't like gets to stay.


    I think it would be better to vote someone OFF the show, because even though it would make that person feel bad, they feel bad when they go anyway, and it would be a better indication of what the audience really wants, IMO.

    Any comments?



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    I'm still trying to figure out who is that much of an American Idol fan, that they watch it for like an hour every day. It's on like every day.

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    Its because it is a conspiracy, they want a certain person and if the "fans" don't well then they have to readjust....its a stupidshow anyways, you should read a book instead of feeding the bullcrap surrounding the show!

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    Why is that show still on... better yet, WHY is America still watching that crap?

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