Car Number Plates - How to get a personal Plate (UK)? Cant get the letter Q? WHY?


im looking for a number plate, 5 letters (4 letters and 1 number or 3 letters and 2 numbers). the middle letter is Q.

i'm new at this and have been searching the interent to try and figure out how to buy one! although everything is still a blur, i've found that u cant get the letter Q. why?

by the way this question is for Uk ppl (England to be specific!)

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    In the UK, Q is reserved as a prefix for vehicles where there is a query over the age. This is usually kit cars built from several sources, or re-registered military vehicles, or sometimes imports.

    It has also not been available in the "body" of the reg number becasue of it's similarity to O.

    Hope that helps (well, you know what I mean).

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    4 years ago

    JIL 1234 is from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland. When the rest of the the UK introduced the year identifier to registration plates between 1962 and 1965, Northern Ireland had no need to do so, as the number of cars registered there was still quite low. When the rest of the UK changed the system in 1983 and again in 2001, again Northern Ireland had no reason to do so, although the current system has been designed to allow Northern Ireland to adopt if if necessary. Effectively Northern Ireland is still running the pre-1962 system. Up to 1989, Northern Ireland plates worked on a system of AXX 1 to AXX 9999, followed by BXX 1. From 1989, the 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers have been retained for sale, so the normally-issued numbers now run from AXX 1000 to AXX 9999, followed by BXX 1000. The digits represented by "XX" above represent the county or city in which the car was first registered, and always include an "I" or a "Z". If you see a similar number without an "I" or "Z" then it is a older England, Scotland or Wales number from before the 1962-1965 adoption of the age identifier.

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    Q plate is reserved for kit cars and registered write-offs. Or if you build a vehicle from parts, that you cannot prooveare 100% genuine to that vehicle, you will be issued with a q-plate.

    I also read about whn you ask for a age related plate, if none are availablethey mayissue you with a q plate..but im unsure.

    You wouldnt want a q plate as the insurance companies are reluctant to give you a policy andpresume it must have had an accident or a kit car.

    My freind bought two vehicles , a runner and parts vehicle.the runner was a Q plate. He got it ready for MOT but couldnt get insurance on it as it was a q plate, also i he could the price was higher.

    So i helped him take all the good parts off the q plate to put on the other.

  • jacg
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    Because Q looks very similar to O. There never used to be Z because it looks like a 2 nor U because it looked like V. It's to save on confusion for the authorities, for example, when they read the plates. Also Q used to appear at the beginning of a registration when a car had been imported then registered individually in the Uk or when someone had made a kit car and then registered it.

    They accept Z and 2 now so I don't know why not Q. Ask the DVLA????

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    Q is used for cars and vehicles that the age cannot be proven on, for example a car that has been imported or a kit car/replica car. In Northern Ireland (where I'm from) all these reg's are QNI - Questionable [age] Northern Ireland and then usually a four digit number.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Q plates devalue cars as their history is unknown but as you don't want the Q at the start or end that doesn't matter.

    As Q looks like O from a distance it doesn't get used.

    Get a plate with an O in it and use a carefully placed screw, not strictly legal though.

  • In the UK the letter Q on a number plate is only used for a previously written off car (insurance damage) or if it is a Kit car (home made) Hope this helps.............sorry means you can't have your Q dosn't it.!

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    Q is used for any vehicles that have been written off, imported or in the case of motorbikes where a bike has been custom built.

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    1 decade ago

    Just for the record they DID use to have Z - I and Z were both Irish regs right up until the changeover.

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    no to sure myself, but I think "q" is reserved for kit cars I will look forward to getting the correct answer myself.

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