My driver side door is stuck in the lock position and the door wont close. Any hints on how to fix this?

The car is a 95 oldsmobile cutlass supreme. When I turned the car off and got out the door was in the lock position. I am unable to shut the door. I have tired using pliers to move it but I am unable to. I have tried to unlock it by using the keyless entry and the buttons inside the car. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    push the latch mechanism in so that it is fully locked then pull it out while pulling the door handle inside. Use a screw driver or like object to pull out with if you can't get a good enough grip by hand. If it still don't unlatch, then you need to take the mechanism off and replace, unless there is some anti theft device installed on your car as another poster stated. I don't think that is the case though.

    after undone, spray with some wd-40 and open and close several times. wipe off wait three days and spray with lithium grease to prevent stickage and sloppyness that may have caused this to start with.

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    Try pulling the interior door handle & at the same time flipping the lock/latch up into the unlatched position.

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    The latch mechanism on the door may be stuck half way between latched, and open.

    Try to roll the door latch to the closed positon then un lock it, and lift the door handle to un latch it.

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    while holding the inside door handle in the open possition.......using your left hand move the latch arm,s [the thing,s that wrap around the pin on the door jam] to the open one up....bottom one down.......then release the handle...........your door should now close & latch.

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    remove the inside door panel and dis engage the anti theft circuit.

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