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In UK, which is the poshest supermarket chain?

I'm sick of coming in to contact with peasantry at Morrisons, Tesco is even worse.

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    If you're in the South, you have Waitrose, M&S and then down the scale to Sainsburys, then onto Tesco, then down again to Asda and Morrisons are pretty much on a par....with people smelling of wee...urrgh!

    Ooop North, it starts with Sainsburys (although Waitrose have finally started opening stores for those posh folk who have migrated North!) then Tesco, then Asda/Morrisons.... then down to Aldi/Netto/Lidl (although I have heard Lidl isn't as bad as peeps think !!)

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    The food is more upmarket - no turkey twizzlers and potato smiley faces here.

    Not only that, but it is full of old people and people with enough moeny not to work during the day. This does also mean that getting round the shop takes forever as all the snobs and dodderers wonder round with all the time in the world.

    I much prefer to do mine online with Tesco and get it delivered. I hate supermarkets.

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    Waitrose or Marks and Spencer if you want posh so you don't have to come into contact with a peasantry Tesco shopper like me.

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    I'd say Waitrose or Sainsbury's, and perhaps M&S although not exactly a supermarket chain. I've never shopped for food in M&S so I don't know what that's like.

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    if you want proper food has to be waitrose and its rightly the poshest every day chain because it provides good standard fair trade produce.. so everyones happy.

    you could also do a grocery dash at selfridges for a really ladedah expericence but try to dodge the tourists!

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    Waitrose (supermarket version of John Lewis) and Marks & Spencers probably. Maybe Jenners if you're really rich!

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    I want Morrisons yet Sainsbury has similarities. they have an effective decision of things at life like costs. at the moment Tesco has replaced a huge area of its product decision to low grade personal variety stuff. maximum solid manufacturers at the instantaneous are not any further on their cabinets.

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    Shame about the peasants you meet up with!! Why not go and shop at Harrods or Fortnum and Mason they may be more to your liking. I am quite happy with Sainsbury's and all who shop there plus the staff are polite and pleasant.

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    Waitrose is almost certainly up there at the top. Quite expensive, and not a huge range, but nice to shop in occasionally!

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