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NotsoaNonymous asked in Environment · 1 decade ago

"Spinning in their grave" How much energy do you think would be generated?

If we hooked up everybody that we've ever imagined spinning in their grave in disgust about something they'd oppose (Stalin and modern Russia, everyone's English teacher and current grammar and spelling standards on the Internet, Grandma and your brother's choice for a wife, etc.) how much energy do you think would be generated?

I think we could dispose of nuclear power plants and coal burning plants for a start.


Gramps-Amps Ahahahahahahahahahahaha You'd have the best answer right there, but lets see if anyone outfunnies your whole answer, mineworks

Say, how come nobody has hooked up AC generators to car wheels yet? Surely as the wheels spin they could generate its own driving force if you set up the coils just so. Why does thechnology dictate that wheels will generate electricity only when the car brakes?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    An interesting concept, however with a few difficulties;

    Generators have to be tailored to the revolutions per minute, unfortunately this is not constant. For rotating entombed cadavers this is measured on the Pank scale.

    Defn: The Pank scale, an integer scale 0-100, each unit representing one hundredth of the maximum RPM as measured on the deceased Emmeline Pankhurst when exposed to quotes regarding "The Spice Girls" and "Girl Power".

    Another practical issue is corpse affrontment factor (CAF). Different carcasses rotate for different durations having being subjected to similar inducements. For example it is relatively easy to get a deceased English teacher to rotate at 50 Panks, but will only do so until a bell rings. Thus teachers have a low CAF value. Female corpses generally have a higher CAF values than male counterparts perhaps due to spite.

    This is a complex issue.

    Better results could be achieved by desiccating, chopping and shovelling into furnace at local power plant. Simple bomb calorieometery work should enable you to estimate the energy thus liberated. You may even qualify for an Energy Council grant for this important work. Best of luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    why wait till they are dead, if you could hook into the power of everyone who blows there top that would be the winner.

    As for the rotating wheel while the wheel is turning the energy is locked in, it is only when the wheel is forcibly slowed that the energy is released in the form of heat.

    If you put a dynamo on the wheel to generate electricity, that would be in the form of direct current not alternating current, so you would have to also install an alternator.

    Why worry about the wheels there is so much waste energy produced by the motor if you could harness that then your problems would be solved, no more nuclear or fossil fuels.

  • 1 decade ago

    Depends on how many coils of wire you wrapped around the cadavers and what sort of magnets you strapped to the side of the coffins.

    Nice idea - kind of like The Matrix. We could call it the Late-rix!! Instead of KWhs we could have Gramps-Amps! But would the company that achieved it qualify for Corporation or Inheritance Tax?

  • 1 decade ago

    Interesting. (alternating current mounted to the wheels of automobiles); You're not the first to think of these "ifs". I hope you continue your education beyond jr. high and not drop out of high school. You will learn about kinetic energy and how it is impossible until we are able to perform Einstein's theory of fussion. Fission consumes more energy than it produces.

    As to ridding the use of nuclear and coal fired electric generation; lets dig up all of the cemeteries and use the corpses in place of coal and nuclear. Seems simple enough. I am also shocked you lust for your Grandmother sexually.

    Source(s): 11th grade physics
  • 1 decade ago

    You deserve a professorship in modern alchemy which will soon be established in Phantasyland. See you there soon!

  • 1 decade ago

    Well not sure but I'd be happy to volunteer for the experiment.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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