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Flights....I need to find a cheap round trip flight?

I am leaving from either Cleveland, Oh or Canton/Akron, OH and going to Palm Springs, CA. The only flights i have found so far are right around 900 some for a round trip for me and my fiancee. We would be leaving around july 13th or so and coming back about 2 weeks later. I know there has to be some cheaper flights than this somewhere!!! HELP PLEASE!?


To meet my fiancee's mother, older sister and grandmother before the wedding. and he hasnt seen his mom in over 2 years.

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    I see fares from Pittsburgh around $297 to PSP using your dates, if you could start out that far from home. From Akron, it's $368 on Delta.

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    First of all, July is the in the middle of the summer vacation season when flights in general are more expensive, and to fly to a smaller city like Palm Springs will always add quite a bit to the airfare. Have you thought about flying to a major hub like Los Angeles, and either renting a car or taking a bus or train to Palm Springs from LA? Or try finding a good fare to LA and then check other airlines for a cheaper fare to Palm Springs from there. Good luck!

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    It costs a lot to run an airline. Maintenance is very expensive, parts are expensive, and regulatory compliance is expensive. JFK is an extremely expensive airport to fly into... the airline has to pay the New York Port Authority a lot of money to land a plane at that airport. It's also one of the busiest destination airports in the country. Last minute tickets are expensive because they do not want people buying tickets last minute. Another huge expense to airlines is fuel... and they fuel futures far in advance... so they are paying the price of fuel today, for a flight that might happen in 6 months. They need to sell a majority of the seats far in advance to make the economics of air travel work. Airlines barely make a profit... margins are very, very thin. The US Government makes significantly more on TAX REVENUE on air tickets vs the airline.

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    Depending on what time you want to leave, I have prices for you starting at $456 per person if you leave from Cleveland. If you leave from Canton/Akron I have prices starting at $466 per person. Check out and compare:

    If you need additional assistance, just contact me.

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    You could go via plane... and return via amtrek?

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    Why you want to go I am waiting

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