Does anyone know what language this is?

My sister just brought new curtains with these words all over them. She doesn't mind that she doesn't know what it means i feel uneasy. Does anyone know? If not can anyone tell me waht language it is or a website i can find out?



Gracia. Agapdo oum uiara qume oares elegni.

Hbidem in ilapide corosfo. A Sali Domitiano Aq. Tribo kir iuno sing.


aotro ulyemno mi adra etera praasrdyo foment praeaonia receaant ueterd aond funt anuud.

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    It's Latin

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    It is not a real language - it is based on the formation of Latin and contains some real Latin words, but most of it is just nonsense. You can find similar doggerel when someone is drafting an ad and they use such words to fill in where the eventual text will be, but normally in such cases they use real Latin words without any syntax, so still meaningless. In the case of your sister's purchase, you can be pretty sure no one will walk into the house and be offended by what is written on her curtains.

  • anna
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    I think this is just a mixup of letters without much meaning. Patribus is latin, Domitiano is the name of an Italian saint, but the rest of it is just letters.

    This happens a lot with Asian-produced textiles, they just put Western words or letters on without worrying about meaning. My mother used to have a US-made headscarf with Chinese characters on it, a Chinese friend of ours laughed and laughed because she said it was just nonsense words strung together.

    Doesn't really matter, if they're pretty, I guess.

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    It's not a real language. It's made up. There is a software programme that allows you to do this. Check the links below, someone has the same curtains as your sister.

    What is funny is if people want Latin sounding text on their curtains, pillows, etc.. why don't people just write it in Latin?

    Source(s): A picture of the curtains A program to make the language.
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  • JJ
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    I think you'll find it doesn't mean anything, but is a jumble of words from various languages plus a few invented words. Hints of Latin, Spanish, and others.

    Edit ~ if you Google the words, all you get is other people asking the same thing as you! Must be popular curtains.

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    There's a discussion of this on the following website:


    It doesn't reveal much, though!

    The whole thing looks like a mixture of Latin and gibberish.

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    That's no Spanish. Possibly Latin but that seems unlikely. its' not French or Italian so I would say either Romanian or Portugese. Or Lorem Ipsum.

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    Yes, it's gibberish Latin, possibly generated by a "Lorem ipsum" program.

  • It looks like Latin. I took it in highschool

    try googling some of the words and the words "Latin"

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