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dadda asked in Yahoo ProductsYahoo Answers · 1 decade ago

Is Yahoo! Answers time-wasting and addicting?

That's what I find, I mean it wastes so much time searching up and typing really legitimate, useful answers to other people's questions to gain points and you could be searching up the answers to your own questions or the topics you want information in instead at the same time, which would be more useful for you. It's more efficient and reliable to some extent to search up your question yourself

I find this out – Really.

Although I do have to mention it's still kind of fun/interesting…


but then again- it wastes so much TIME!!

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  • rosieC
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    1 decade ago
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    How True! YA is addicting and wasteful. But it's very interesting, informative, educational, and refreshes your knowledge. It's an inexpensive habit, positive addiction, healthy hobby, and saves a lot on long-distance calls. It's also a good diversional therapy. It also saves a lot of time to go to library. Every aspect in life is controlled nowadays by computers.

    I love researching on a lot of different issues. Last night, i answered a question which involve users; from all over the universe. It was fascinating to find out who were still awake at that ungodly hour as with different time zones.

    A handful of people here, asked questions for which answers they already knew. And sometimes, they are lazy to do the research.themselves. Everytime, i get a brain storm; i go to the computer and get my answer right there and then.

    But it certainly makes one feel useful and good to help others and share knowledge. I gather a lot of information here. It's a good mental calisthenics. One is never too old to learn. Sure, it's addicting and wasteful. However, , this is a good learning experience. I love trivia.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Addicitve? Absolutely!

    Time wasting? NO! there are so many questions I am glad I took the trouble of answering them. Some answers were so totally wrong or were significantly inaccurate that it will only compound the inaccuracy of the total knowledge base and of the asker.

    So - I am glad I have been of hlep to many people who otherwise may have gone away with wrong information. Questions that ask for opinion is one thing but there are good questions out there which asked for information. And these are the ones that kept me interested - especially when they are about topic I know well.

    The point system makes it addictive, yes! It is like a game. Seeing your points goes up is so reinforcing. But for me - the novelty has passed to a certan extent, but I always look forwards to questions that I can be of assistance to others - espcially travel questions and more so about Australia and Thailand

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    I absolutely agree, but at least it's centered around learning. It's better to be addicted to Yahoo Answers than World of Warcrack. In fact, why am I typing this answer? It's not like I am helping you out any. Oh well... now you made me think about it, I guess I'll go back to doing work... :-(

  • cris
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    3 years ago

    the same is for me! i began even as i had to invite a query about an endemic! in view that then i am going to't end! in my view i love it right here because I meet people from all over the realm! It sounds like you at the on the spot are not on my own!

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  • I totally get you. I couldnt agree more!! I go on Y!A every night to answer questions ..... I just cant stop!!! I also learn heaps by just clicking through other people's questions.... so it's easy to learn new stuff!!!!! But yeah, it also wastes heaps of time....... oh well, i say bring it on!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, you are correct on all counts (except if I have any questions, I'll hunt down the answer myself)

  •'s a waste of time.'s addictive.

    2 points ha ha

  • 1 decade ago

    Why is your Avator crying? is it because you are so addicted she is exhausted! or are you having a bad day?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    one more time...yes.

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